This is my first post!


Hello World!  That makes me laugh because my husband said that is how I should start this new thing.  For a long time now my family and friends have been telling me I need to have a blog.  Personally the thought scares me…….who in the world will want to read about me, my thoughts, and the things I love to do and the people who make up my world?

So here we are.  I will give a little background for those of you who have no idea who I am or what makes my life worth living.  I am a wife of 35 years to a great guy named Larry.  I have known him all my life.  We have three sons.  Jared is married to Andrea and they are the parents of our two grandkids, James and Madison.  Luke is the second son and still lives in NW Iowa.  Joe was married to Becca last year.  We are truly blessed.

I am a farm wife who loves to garden, read, go to Bible Study, do crafts of any kinds, take care of my chickens, share YL essential oils, cook, camp and hang out with my family.  Not necessarily in that order.

My grandson needs to take credit for the name of this blog – The Chicken Grandma.  That is the name I have been given,  as I am the only Grandma he has that has chickens.  It is an easy way for a 4 year old to know which Grandparents he is going to get to visit.  He even has his own hen which he has named “Henry”.

I look forward to getting to know all of you who take the time to see what the  Chicken Grandma is all about.  May you have a blessed week!




5 thoughts on “This is my first post!

  1. Sanderella's says:

    Well….Chicken Grandma…first of all what an adorable name for your blog! Welcome to the world of blogging! I enjoyed reading about what you enjoy. I too love to garden…this season I will be starting many different things inside to plant outside. I also love to cook, bake, crochet and knit. I don’t have any chickens, where I live that would be a no no…however, I have three cats; Rose, Romeo and HoBo. Loves of my life. I care for my elderly mother that lives with me. I am always, always busy! You have a new follower! I also tweeted your post. I look forward to reading many interesting posts! Nice to meet you, Sandy


    • thechickengrandma says:

      Good to meet you to Sandy! I grew up with cats when I was a kid. We had Samantha and Snoopy. I will also be starting seeds for my garden, but not till next month as Iowa stays cold for awhile. I will have to check how yours are doing once I get mine started.

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      • Sanderella's says:

        I am started mine in Feb/March. We are having what they call an El Nino, so I don’t know what the weather will be like anymore…wacky I imagine! Lol! I have seen a lot of Iowa via TV recently! Beautiful state!

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  2. Merry Hearts Medicine says:

    I have read your blog from beginning to end! (Well, I did skim and scan a bunch of it, which I hope I can find the time to go back and read later.) Your blog is what I wish mine to be — full of encouraging thoughts about nature, family, and God. Keep up the good work and let your light shine!

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