The Home Place

I thought I would share a few pictures with you so you know what winter looks like on the home place.

The picture on the left was once the summer kitchen in the middle of our yard.  We moved it to the backyard and it now doubles as my garden shed.  Eventually I hope to have a small greenhouse attached to it.  My husband purchased some really large windows at a sale just for that project.  I would also love to paint it yellow (even though my sons are not too sure about that).

The middle photo is our view down the driveway.  I love it that we don’t see anything but open space.

The last one is the reason for my blog name. It is the chicken coop where my grandson loves to gather eggs when he visits.  When it is winter, I need to scoop a path for the girls to get through the snowbanks. There is an old open front shed where they love to sit in the sun and take their dust baths.


The picture above is one I really love.  It is a view of the river  that runs past our place.

It was early morning in November when these pictures were taken.  I was outside doing my chicken chores.  As I was finishing up I took the time to look around and was stunned by the incredible quiet beauty of the morning.  It was utterly quiet, hushed……reverent was the word that came to mind.  I just stood there, not moving, taking it all in.

As I watched the steam rise off the river I realized I had been given a gift. The gift of time to just stand and enjoy.


“Be Still and Know

that I AM GOD”

Psalm 46:10

6 thoughts on “The Home Place

    • thechickengrandma says:

      Most of that had melted yesterday. Today we are in the middle of restocking our snow supply. The wind is blowing like crazy and the snow is going sideways. We cannot see the river from our house at this point because of it. But it’s all good….makes me appreciate summer!

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      • Sanderella's says:

        Sometimes I wish we got snow, but on the other hand it has it’s disadvantages…driving, etc., however when you live in the country it makes everything so charming and picture perfect…as long as you have stocked up on supplies ;). Very chilly, a slight wind off and on but the sun is out…in and out today 🙂

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