Yarn Balls and Memories


I  don’t know if the rest of you have as many unfinished projects as I do, but if you do I feel your pain.  Awhile back I decided to haul out some of those projects that just never quite got done.

So far I have finished tying a piecework quilt that had been pieced together a looooong time ago……now to just finish those edges!  I also took out my boxes of yarn skeins, yarn balls, knitting needles, crochet hooks, books, and baskets with patterns.  Needless to say, I have a corner of my living room that seems to always have yarn balls rolling around.

I should probably have kept track of the yarn balls that I have already used up.  I have been making covers for wooden coat hangers, slippers, a hat (which my husband has given two thumbs down), coffee cup sweaters, and prayer squares…….and still; there are balls of yarn left.  I cannot say for sure, but I have the feeling that somehow they are multiplying during the night.

Many of the skeins and balls I have been using were given to me by my Grandma Boogerd.  She was a very thrifty woman and saved every scrap.  I am guessing it was something she learned to do from living through the Great Depression.  She lived to be 98 years old and was busy making coat hangers till her final Christmas.  As grandchildren we knew we could count on a pair of them every year.  She had macular degeneration and had to quit making them that last year, as she could no longer see what she was doing.  She felt like she was going to let us all down and that is the year I knit, crocheted and covered my first coat hangers.  When I made a set for a BINGO gift for our family Christmas this past year I just had to smile.  As much as I have fought it; I am probably turning into my grandma.  I keep telling myself that people really liked her and look how long she lived and stayed active!

I love how many things we do; that reflect those who have gone before.  Hopefully we reflect the good and deal with the rest with grace. Meanwhile,  I guess I will just keep working on those balls of yarn and maybe, just maybe someday I will finish them all.  And if not, maybe my granddaughter will inherit a box of yarn balls, skeins, books, needles, hooks, and patterns. And if I have really done it right; she will smile whenever she takes them out and she will think of me.

Psalm 119:90

In my last post I shared the link for the coffee cup “sweaters”.  Here is the link for the prayer squares I have been making:



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