Winged Visitor


I am indeed a fortunate woman.  I am married to a man who is an avid outdoorsman.  One of his favorite pastime’s is watching birds and other wildlife.  He keeps a pair of binoculars on the table for that very purpose.  He loves to feed birds and squirrels in the winter time and watch to see how many varieties of birds we have that come to feed.  Because of this I have gotten to see a lot of animals in their natural habitat.

One of his all-time favorite birds is the owl…..any type of owl.  He will stand outside at night just to listen to a great horned owl or a screech owl and try figure out what tree they are sitting in.

A few days ago he came running to the house to ask , “How good of pictures does that camera of yours take?”  I had just gotten a new lens for Christmas and was still not totally comfortable with it so I told him, “I think pretty good”.  (Can you tell how confident I was?)  I was told get the camera and get my boots on……so I did, knowing I was going to see something new.

We trekked through the snowdrifts, out past the machine shed, and down to the gully that runs to the river.  He pointed into the gully, into a mess of branches and there was the long eared owl.  For us this is really exciting as I had never seen one before and the last time my husband saw one in this area was 40 years ago!

We tried to get closer, and watched it, watching us.  We stood for a long time just drinking in that owl sitting on a branch.   I am finding out a lot of gifts in life are things that cannot be purchased and this moment was one of them.

My husband still walks out there every day hoping to catch another glimpse of the owl,  but has not seen him again.  We are just grateful it decided to come for a very short visit and let us capture him on film.


Look at the birds.
They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns,
for your heavenly Father feeds them.
And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?
Matthew 6:26

2 thoughts on “Winged Visitor

  1. Sanderella's says:

    What a lucky lady you are to be married to your outdoors man! We have owls here too, quite large white ones and nothing is better than to spot one or hear them hoot! We also have squirrels and rabbits. All sorts of birds and hummingbirds. I use to feed the wildlife myself and would shop just for them, wash and chop up everything and set them out in pie pans…a couple of fruit pans, a couple of veg’s pans…but now I have an indoor/outdoor cat…HoBo, and not such a good idea anymore. I have hummingbird feeders up high, but no seed feeders and using my bird bath for plants….I don’t want any accidents you know and would not forgive myself for that mistake. Great post! I enjoyed it very much and the photo of the owl was beautiful. Sandy

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  2. thechickengrandma says:

    I totally understand about the cats and feeding birds. We did not feed birds as kids either due to our cats would turn them into a cat feeder. I do have a hummingbird feeder I need to get going this summer. I love hearing about your animals! Thank you for sharing.


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