Yes….You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks…sortof

computer screen

A few days ago my husband and I ventured into a new area of the electronic age.  We learned how to access our medical records online.  To some of you this might not seem like such an amazing feat.  However, you need to realize that when we were in high school all the phones were attached to the wall, you dialed up on a rotary phone (for those of you who don’t know what that is you may want to google it), and the receiver was attached to the phone.  If you were fortunate your folks had purchased an extra long cord so you could walk around while you talked with your friends.  Yep, talked……there was no texting, snap chat, choice of ring tones, voice mail, or GIFs. We also did not have computers and in typing class were happy when it was our turn to use the electric typewriters instead of the manual ones.It was not the age of the dinosaurs, but I am sure my kids think it was mighty close.

Fortunately, we are still capable of learning some new things.  Before my last son left for college he taught us to run the DVD player.  His famous last words on that topic were, “You have to learn this dad…….I am not going to live with you forever!”

Anyway, back to the medical records.  Once we accessed them it was kind of interesting to check out the labs……all those numbers!  We read the doctors notes. Learned what was wrong and what was okay with us.  We read things we did not understand.  Then we got to some other items.  We discovered our BMI (Body Mass Index) numbers.  That was interesting. Here is a rundown of that conversation:

Me: Hey! here is our BMI numbers.
Lar: What’s that?
Me: Body Mass Index…..I think.
Lar:  What’s my number?
Me: Told him his number.
Lar: What’s it supposed to be?
Me:  Lower
Lar: What’s your number?
Me:  Why?
Lar: Just wondering (big grin)
Me: Higher than yours
Lar: Well how much?
Me: Told him the number.
Lar:  Huh (another grin)
Lar:  What does that really mean?
Me:  Well, let me put it this way… number says I am obese and yours says you are “just” fat
Moment of silence
Both of us: Bwhaahaaahaaaa
Lar: Hmmm and we are going to a family thing for Pizza Ranch Buffet..????


NOOOOOO……I knew those BMI numbers were too high!


If nothing else, learning all the new stuff and reading our charts may provide some entertainment on a snowy day.

And what have you been learning that you never thought you would have to know? Go ahead, click on comment and share…..this could be fun!



11 thoughts on “Yes….You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks…sortof

  1. Linda K says:

    I recently learned how to get into those too. I found out if you ask the Dr a question he actually answers. And I haven’t gotten a bill for it……yet lol


  2. Linda K says:

    I recently learned how to do that too. I learned that you can ask the Dr a question and he actually answers. I haven’t even received a bill….yet lol


  3. Sanderella's says:

    Ta Dahhhh!!!! It isn’t difficult as your learning, it is actually fun. A good post and for those sitting on the fence on technology…even better! Your an inspiration.

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  4. thechickengrandma says:

    It IS fun!! Plus I figure use those brain cells or lose them. You are an inspiration to me and a great encouragement! Thank you. This comment was in response to your Sanderella!! LOL I still have a long way to go on this new stuff.


  5. Merilyce Ver Steeg says:

    Yes–this winter Gene-o and I went tubing for the first time and ice fishing. It was great fun. I think I could get used to ice fishing; a nice fish-house and a little propane heater to keep you nice and cozy–a good napping place. Who cares about the fish!!! 😁


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