The Waiting Season

It was an absolutely beautiful day out today.  Way to nice to stay inside and do the work that should have been done.  I grabbed the camera and decided to take a little walk down to the river.

The sun was shining….finally!  After days of gray skies and damp cool winds it was a welcome change.  The only birds I heard were a pair of crows chasing and tormenting a hawk and a large flock of snow geese heading north on their annual migration.  It was a day for the senses…..the sight of the ice breaking on the river, the sound of running water, cawing crows and honking geese, the clean smell of the almost spring breeze, and the cool air of winter trying to hang on and chilling my fingers as I switched lenses on the camera.

It is a time of waiting and anticipating.  I find myself waiting for the rest of the snow to melt off my garden, waiting for the mud to dry so I don’t slide around as I do my chicken chores, waiting for the summer birds to arrive so the gully becomes a noisy chorus of song birds.  I am in anticipation of warm black dirt to put my seeds and transplants in.  I struggle to wait for the gravel roads to dry so I can take a walk. I am really ready to sit on my deck in the morning with my cup of tea and soak in the sound of the birds in the morning and hear the leaves rustle in the breeze. At this point we are in that awkward time between cold stormy, blustery winter and warm, soft spring rain.  That hush before the spring busyness that is planting season on the farm.  There is no hurrying this in-between time along…..and so we wait.

It is probably a good lesson for life and living.  Many times we find ourselves in line at the grocery store and waiting, at a stop light and waiting, sitting in a hospital room and waiting,  ___________ and waiting. You fill in the blank; the waiting season is different for everyone.  Perhaps we are being gently taught in this in-between season to be patient, to appreciate the calm before the busyness and to just take the time to breathe in and out. To value the time we have with those we love and to enjoy each moment as it comes and let the future work itself out.

I am fortunate that I have an awesome place to do my waiting.  In the past years I have found that siting on the bank of the river is a great place to stop and breathe.  I hope you are equally blessed with a place to do your waiting.

Please feel free to share and comment.  I would love to hear from you!


I am not saying this
because I am in any need,
for I have learned to be content
in whatever situation I am in.

Philipians 4:11

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