Living Heirlooms



Living Heirloom


The plant in the picture is one I received over 14 years ago from my mom-in-law.  She gave me a piece of hers when it got to big for the pot she had it in.  For at least a month it sat in a five gallon bucket, in our basement, while I tried to decide what to do with it.  To be honest, I kind of forgot about it till I went down there one day and saw it setting there looking really sad.  I found a pot for it, potted it up and hauled it upstairs.

I knew hers always bloomed beautifully and she had it in the east window.  So that is where I put mine.  For a couple years it just grew and had a few babies and slowly filled up the pot.  I had given up hope on having those gorgeous blooms show up on mine.  And then came the day when I discovered a different shoot and was excited to find it turn into a cluster of blooms.

I am not sure where my mom-in-law got her piece of plant from.  I do know that someone gave her a starter piece and she did not purchase it.  Once mine began to get root bound; I passed pieces on to each of my kids.  I don’t think theirs have bloomed yet, but they may have to give it a few more years.  Or maybe they should have ignored it and left it in their basement in a plastic bucket?

I am not even sure what the name of this plant is.  I just know I am never sure when it will bloom.  I also know it requires very little care and I love that low maintenance part! If anyone knows what this plant is would you please, please tell me!  I would love to know.

My husband laughs at how excited I get when I see those shoots show up that will turn into those big clusters. Those orange clusters of flowers are such a bright spot in my kitchen that they just make me smile.  They remind me to hope when things aren’t running smoothly, to stop and look around and appreciate the little things in life.  A simple thing like blooming flowers can be an entire life lesson if you let them.  They truly are a gift from above to those of us who like them.  They become heirlooms to be cherished and remind us of those who have given them to us.  They remind us to have faith that those blooms will eventually show up and maybe even teach a little patience…….hmmmmm,  probably a good lesson for me!

Our lives our also living heirlooms.  At least I try remind myself of that.  I remind myself to be the person I wish my friends and neighbors were.  I have to remind myself to show compassion and mercy and to also accept it.  (Sometimes that can be hard to be on the accepting end.)   Let’s have our lives make a difference in this world.  Let’s be the one others want to imitate.

So, I will just enjoy my plant, whatever it is, and let it remind me of all those truths and lessons that I need to keep in mind.

Seriously,  I would like to know what it is.  So if you know, comment below and end my ignorance.

“If God gives such attention
to the appearance of wildflowers
—most of which are never even seen
—don’t you think he’ll attend to you,
take pride in you,
do his best for you?
Matthew 6:30
The Message translation

6 thoughts on “Living Heirlooms

  1. Merilyce Ver Steeg says:

    Gene says it’s a Russian, Italian thistle. (He really doesn’t know.). What a guy! But, it is one of God’s creation and it is beautiful.

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  2. Sandy Guy says:

    It is a Clivia. Interestingly enough, there are Clivia Clubs all over the world. I also have a piece of this plant. The shoot you received from Mom was from a shoot that she had received from her Mom (Our Grandma G). Grandma G got a shoot from one of her aunts. Best guess, your plant is derived from a plant probably which started at least 75 years ago.

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  3. Linda K says:

    That is gorgeous! Would like a piece if you ever have to get rid of a shoot. I have a Christmas cactus that is probably that old too. Came from my mother-in-law. Gave me a piece when we got married and now each of my girls have one too started when they got married. It is hot pink and I love when it blooms.

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