The View From My Window

Stormy skies

I have been spending time trying to organize my digital photos.  So many, many folders and so many with only dates and no names.  I am attempting to label the folders so when I try find something later on it should be a lot easier!

I have discovered that I seem to have a fascination for taking pictures of the view I have from my kitchen window….actually our patio door.  Maybe, it is because we do have such a great view.  We see the storm clouds rolling in from the east and we get to see the rainbows that follow.


Our Iowa winters seem to give us very little variety in color of the sky we see.  We tend to have slate gray easing into slate gray that eases into a cold-looking slate gray.  Once we get to spring it gets much more interesting.  I am amazed at the blues, the reds, the oranges and yellows that we get to see.  Our sunrises can be gorgeous on those hot humid mornings.

Beautiful Morning.JPG

We also enjoy sitting out and watching the “moonrises”.  I am not really sure what the correct term is for that?  It is interesting to just look at all the stars.  On our place that is easy as we do not have a security light so it gets really dark!  We often wonder what are those really fast moving lights up there?  Why did those guys name the constellations what they did? Does that bunch of stars really look like a bear??  We like to imagine where those planes are heading to as they fly over with their blinking lights.

Lunar Eclipse #5

This past summer it was really interesting to sit out and watch the lunar eclipse.  I am not sure how long we sat out there and enjoyed that show but it was something to marvel at as the moon slowly turned blood red and then disappeared for a time.

Cloud watching is also something that has always been fun.  In Iowa there is a lot of open sky so this is easy to do.  It is interesting how the clouds can change, and grow, and build as you sit and watch them.  When we were kids we would spend hours laying on our backs looking up at the clouds to see what shape they would take next.

the view from my window.JPG

I sometimes think that, as adults, we should take more time to just sit and look at the sky. Maybe if we took more time to appreciate the beauty around us, the smell of the air, the sound of the wind as it rustles the leaves, we would be more content with where we are and what we have.  Maybe the free things, like the view from our window, are God’s gift to us and a message to just enjoy the little things that He has sent. What are your favorites?  Sunrises?  Stars? Moonrises? Clouds? Or something totally different?

Next time I think I am too busy, I will have to remind myself of that message, take a breath, and just enjoy.    Oh, I think I will also go grab my camera!

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Psalm 19:1




8 thoughts on “The View From My Window

  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    Love this post. This is me. Have so many pictures of clouds on my computer that now and then I decide I have to delete my least favorite. Love your photos. You are in cold Iowa. We are in the Southeast U.S. that is much warmer in winter.

    Liked by 1 person

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