Good News on a Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday.JPG

I have a friend who gives me crosses.  She knows I love the reminder of how much grace and what a gift I have been given – that we all have been given.

We are in the season of Holy Week for the Christian community.  Where the fickleness of human nature is displayed, going from shouting “Hosanna” to “Crucify Him”  in one short week.  I like to think we would be different….but would we?  Would I?  And through the entire event; we are offered grace.  We are offered forgiveness and atonement.

For those going through circumstances that seem overwhelming, this week offers hope.  This week reminds, that no matter how bleak things look; God has a plan that will be delivered in His time.  May those of you suffering loss, medical issues, pain, and all the hurts this world offers be comforted by the love the Savior has for you.  May you be reminded that He understands and that He loves you  — always.  He loved us enough to ride in to a celebration; knowing the week would end in His torture and death.  And yet, he went, because “He so loved the world”  John 3:16

May you be blessed in this season of Grace.

Palm Sunday tells us that….
it is the cross
that is the true tree of life.
Pope Benedict XVI



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