Spring Cleaning

Freshly Cleaned Coop

This is the season that makes me want to actually do some spring cleaning…..outdoors!  I started raking the lawn and picking up the sticks that littered the lawn.  That is a never ending task when you have locust trees. I then decided it was time to start in the chicken coop.  It is so satisfying to walk into a clean chicken coop. Once it is done it smells wonderfully fresh.  I love the piney fragrance of the bagged wood chips I purchase for the floor and the nesting boxes.  The downside is cleaning the coop IS a lot like housework……it only stays clean a very short time.

My husband always helps me with this task, which I do in the spring and in the fall.  It really doesn’t take too much time and we have it down to a science. Once we get the roost out of the way, by putting it outside, we can get to work with the scoop and wheelbarrow.  In the spring the good “stuff” that I pitch out gets scooped onto the wheelbarrow, then dumped on the loader bucket for my husband to spread on his field.  When I clean in the fall, the garden is finished for the season and it gets spread on that. It is great stuff for the soil so cleaning the coop is a definite win-win.

For some reason, the girls do not appreciate having anything changed in their quarters.  They squawk and run around like we are doing something horrendous when we pitch it out.  Once the new bedding is put down they are incredibly cautious about coming back in and walking on the nice clean floor. They’re funny to watch as they carefully pick their way through the shavings, stopping every step to tilt their heads and check out the floor.

I sometime wonder if we act the same way when  “stuff” needs to be cleaned out of our lives? Do we fuss when something is changed, even if it is better for us?  Do we fuss because, while it is better for us, it is not familiar or comfortable yet?  I know I don’t like change and I am not fond of having someone else just come in and make those changes.  I guess I can sympathize with my chickens, somewhat…..

Change of any sort requires courage.
– Mary Anne Radmacher

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
– Lao Tzu

When looking for a good quote to end this with I came across this site that is full of really great quotes for pretty much any occasion.  If you are “into” quotes and sayings, like I am, you may want to check this one out. I am thinking, you might like it!



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