Not Everything Free Is a Bargain….

Luke and the Infamous Snapper

We have been having a little rain and the grass is starting to green up.  With temps expected to be in the upper 60’s on Sunday our grass will soon start to take off.  Before you know it, the lawn mowers will once again have to be pressed into service.

My husband and I saw an ad on tv that brought back some memories.  On the ad (which was for a pickup truck giveaway) a man was battling with his lawn mower.  He could not get that bugger started.  You could see the level of frustration growing.

Years ago, when our boys were grade school age we had inherited a snapper lawn mower.  We were given the mower free and after using it for a time we could clearly see why.  It was hard to get started, hard to keep going and generally a piece of junk.  After looking at the photo I can, maybe, see why that old lawn mower didn’t work so good.  I have a feeling that we didn’t want to start it anymore than we had too.

When we first received this lawn mower you could actually get it started by pulling the cord to start it.  You had to pull a lot of times but eventually it would work. It did not take long before the starting procedure took a serious nosedive.  My husband finally had to resort to having our oldest boy drive the car while towing my husband on the mower.  Once running, the boys took over mowing as the machine (and I use that term loosely) could hardly pull itself much less mow the lawn.  Typically, it died multiple times while mowing the front lawn.  After a season of fighting this lawnmower and sending the kids to the house so they would not witness a certain level of frustration; my husband called it quits and we purchased a new push mower.  As my husband told my sister, “If it makes you curse, you should probably get rid of it.”

Recently the topic of that particular mower came up when my husband was up for jury duty in our county.  He was kind of hoping there would be not be any cases during the time frame he was scheduled. Our middle son told him to just “act angry” at any jury selection hearings he would get called to.  My husband is typically pretty mild mannered and told him “yeah right”  Our son reminded him of the summer of the Snapper lawn mower and told him to keep that machine in mind.  My husband thought on that one awhile before replying, “Fortunately, that machine is long crushed, melted down, and probably turned into a part that is now in your Camaro!” That lawn mower is one of those things that are a lot easier to laugh about after time has passed…..lots of time.

There were many lessons learned from that crazy lawn mower.  I learned that a lot of things in life eventually become funny.  When you are in the middle of those things it feels like you take 2 steps ahead and 4 steps back and frustration grows.  I am not sure of the proper response in every situation; but I do know my husband had it right, “If it makes you curse, you  should probably get rid of it!” I also learned that if it is something you can’t get rid of maybe you need to walk away and deal with it another day. The third bit of wisdom learned: Not everything that is free is a bargain.

you get what you pay for”
my Dad

If you have a favorite lawn mower story I would love to hear it!  Just click on comment and share.







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