Day Trip to Junkstock

Junkstock 2016

Junkstock 2016-Omaha, NE

This is the year I finally made it to Junkstock…..three days of Peace, Love and Junk!  At least that is their motto.  I did see peace signs, lots of them.  I am not sure about the love part; but there was a lot of junk (treasures), of all kinds!  If you are into repurposing any and all items into household décor or usable items, this is the place for you.

Morning of Junkstock 2016

April 9, 2016 Heading down the road


A friend of mine messaged me a few weeks back telling me we needed a day away and we should go junking. We found out Junkstock was happening in April so one of my sisters, my friend, and I left early Saturday morning……very early for a Saturday and headed for Omaha, NE.  The sky was beautiful and the weather looked promising. After one stop for an Egg McMuffin on the way; we arrived at our destination.

The day promised to be extremely windy and that wind had a real “bite” to it.  We found a great photo opportunity and a place to get out of the wind and dust for a short time; by sitting in the back 1/2 half of a VW bug.

Half a Car is Better Than None......


We wandered around for a couple hours before meeting up with my daughter-in-law and her mom.  They had an idea for a great place to have lunch in Omaha…and they were right! (I only call this noon meal lunch because we were in the city.  Back home we would call it dinner.)   The place they chose was Dante Pizzaria. The food was delicious – pizza made in a wood fired oven and ingredients from local people. I would totally recommend going there to eat.  The food was great and so was the service. You may want to check it out by clicking on the link.

They also took us to a neat little tea shop called the Tea Smith.  We smelled all kinds of wonderful teas before we made our purchases. We also tried some samples of teas.  I bought the Chocolate Mint Rooibos tea to try.  It smells amazing!  Hopefully it tastes the same as it smells  I will let you know how it tastes once I try it.

We then headed back to the farm where Junkstock has taken place for the last 5 years. We spent the rest of the afternoon, once again, wandering the grounds.  We sampled, and purchased a flask, of some really great root beer. We purchased stamped tea towels, bank boxes, an old chicken waterer and a hanging coat rack  made from staves of a wine barrel.

I, personally,  did not come home with much as I seem to have sheds at home that contain all the things necessary to duplicate what I saw and really liked.  I did come home with lots of ideas on how to use what I already have.  I am pretty sure that will make my husband cringe as he knows that this will involve him. I may have to “encourage” his participation in some projects before field work starts.

The entire time we were browsing through vendor booths we were entertained by bands playing songs we remembered from high school.  I should say, some of us remembered the songs from high school.


A “little” breezy at Junkstock


The vendors were great, the music awesome, and other than the wind, the day was a success.  I think my favorite part was the time spent with friends and family.  This is definately a road trip that will stay on the annual to do list.

We did make one final stop in Omaha before heading back to Iowa.  We went to a little coffee shop called Stories  Once again the atmosphere was so cool and the barrista turned out to be someone from my hometown!  If you ever get there I am recommending you purchase a Caramel/Pecan Bar.  You will not be sorry.

If you are looking for a day trip in the Midwest, Junkstock in Omaha, NE is a great destination.  If you have already been there I would love to know what your favorite part was, did you have a favorite vendor booth,  and who did you share that day with?  You have two more opportunities this year to get there……. and make sure you try the root beer!

“Friendship … is born at the moment
when one man says to another
“What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .”

C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

To invent
you need a good imagination

and a pile of junk.
Thomas A. Edison

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