Pipestone National Monument


Flowers by Quarry

This past week I was challenged by my sister to do a 7 day Facebook Nature Photo Challenge.  Seems like people (me included) are sick of hearing all the negative stuff that is out there in the media and this is an alternative to it.

I must admit, I have been having a great time looking through photos to find some of my favorite nature shots. At this point I am on Day 5 and have posted pictures from different places we have been. Some of those I will be sharing on later posts.

One of my all time favorite places to go, and to take pictures is Pipestone National Monument in Minnesota.  We used to haul our boys there, often, when they were small.  The history of the area is fascinating and the hiking trail was a bonus.  The wide open places were a great place for small boys with lots of energy.

This is a place where the Indian nations used to come and quarry the pipestone used for their ceremonial pipes.  We were told that even nations that traditionally warred against each other;  laid down their weapons when they came together in this place and were at peace. There might be something to be learned from this bit of history.  Just think if we had a place that we could all come together and put aside the bickering and fighting.

The variety in the landscape is really neat.  You get to walk up rocky stairways, past a noisy stream that is bordered by flowers, through trees and out into the open prairie.

Some of the quarries are still being worked, by hand, to bring out the pipestone.  This photo of a workman’s tools is still one of my favorites.

Workman's Tools Pipestone Nat'l Monument

If you take the time to walk through the visitor center you can watch a film on the history of the region.  You can also watch and speak with various artists who are carving the pipestone they have quarried from their sites.

My husband and I are always on the lookout for an interesting day out. If you are in the area and looking for something to do for a day trip; this is a great place to go. History plus hiking plus beautiful views….a win any way you look at it.


do something good.
Embrace peace
—don’t let it get away!..
Psalm 34:14b
The Message



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