Celebrating Earth Day

Flowering Crab

Flowering Crab


I wasn’t really sure what to write for my blog post today.  Nothing major really stood out.

I know lots of people planted trees, at least that is what the news said. I kind of grinned at that because my husband was down by the river cutting up a cottonwood tree (He was not able to be in the field due to rain the last couple days). Before you get the idea that his was an “anti” earth day activity, I should tell you about this particular tree.

The cottonwood he was cutting up had fought a battle with a beaver ……the beaver won.  Rather than let a perfectly good tree go to waste, my husband headed down there with his tractor, a hayrack, and his trusty chainsaw.




This next winter I will be personally grateful to that beaver and to my husband.  That tree will help keep our home warm for quite a few days.

I took my husband’s advice and headed outside with the camera to see what was growing around here.  I was rather surprised to find some things blooming and starting to bloom.

The flowering crab, was a tree we had transplanted three years ago.  My dad had given me his free tiny arbor day trees and this one had survived. Hopefully in the next years it will be shading my chicken coop and keep the girls cool in the hot summer months.

I also found violets blooming, my peonies shooting up through last years dead growth, and of course the very durable dandelion.  I know those yellow flowers might be weeds but they are incredibly cheerful and come summer the goldfinches will love them.



I have a friend who uses those “weeds” to make wine.  She also told me just today that she had fried some up and they were very tasty.  I have not quite gotten to the point of trying that one yet. I say yet, because …..who knows?

I noticed our asparagus is also popping through the ground. I anticipate with the warm days that are forecasted we will be having a meal of that real soon. I love to make them on the grill. We even have a couple sugar snap peas coming up!

I do have an update on a previous post Trying Something New.  The elderberries are beginning to send out roots!  I am actually really amazed this worked.


Elderberry roots

Elderberry Cuttings Taking Root


I am looking forward to jam and juice from those berries in the next years.   I am ever hopeful!

The day was so nice we had the patio door open to try warm the house up  a little bit. That part did not quite work but it sure made the house smell nice.   One of the girls decided she might like to celebrate Earth Day by spending it inside.

Heading inside

I am thinking it is definitely time to get that screen out of the rafters in the garage and put it to use.

A big orange moon is coming up, as I write this post, reminding me it is time to lock the girls in for the night.

May you have a blessed weekend!


When one tugs at a single thing in nature
he finds it attached to the rest of the world.
John Muir

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