Broody Hens and Other Chicken Weirdness

A Broody Hen.JPG

I am never quite sure what goes on in the walnut sized brain of a chicken.

At this point in time I have three girls who are broody.  For those of you who don’t own chickens I will try to describe their behavior.  They basically spend their day, sitting in a nesting box, on eggs in an attempt to hatch them.

These eggs are not always their own.  They have no qualms about looking for the nesting box that contains the most eggs and claiming those.  They also get pretty upset when you reach under them to “steal” what they are positive are future children.

My poor girls sit there faithfully day after day.  I don’t have a rooster so there is no chance of them ever having their own flock of chicks.  There is no way to explain that to them and so they sit, all fluffed up and no chicks in sight.

A Sunbathing Girl

This morning I had a rhode island red decide she wanted to do a little sunbathing on our deck.  She was so funny to watch.  She hopped up the steps, strolled around a little, then flopped over on her side. She is the only chicken I have ever had that does this.

My husband’s favorite chicken behavior involves watermelon season.  When we sit on the deck eating watermelon they all gather round just waiting for us to send the seeds their way.  (It is a good thing we only grow the ones that actually have seeds!)  They act a lot like kids scrambling around for candy thrown at a parade.

He also marvels at how far my girls are starting to roam.  Some of them head down our driveway to the field.  They have no idea the danger they are in from the hawks that have a nest in the tree not far away.  Or maybe they do, but are willing to take the risk so they can see what is out there.

I guess there is a lot to be learned from chickens…….

  • Don’t waste your time sitting on eggs that will never hatch.
  • Take some time to just lay in the sun and enjoy life.
  • Be willing to scramble for a little parade candy.
  • Don’t be afraid to see the world – life is short, take a little risk.

It is not only fine feathers
that make fine birds.



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