Happy Mom’s Day!

Dandelions for Mom

Today is the day we traditionally celebrate moms. And yep moms are worth celebrating.

I love this picture of dandelions.  As kids, these are often the first flowers we picked and gave to our moms.

While I was mowing the lawn the other day I was mulling over what makes a mom and celebrating moms.

I definitely would celebrate my own mom.  When I was growing up I could never figure out why my friends thought I had a great mom.  As I got older I totally understand why they thought that. Because she was and is!

She sacrificed when we were kids so we would have what we needed.  She was a magician with different ways to use hamburger and how to stretch the food budget.  More than that, she was there when we needed her and she taught us about faith and how to live it.

I also have a great mom-in-law.  I know there are lots of mother-in-law jokes out there, but my mom-in-law is a keeper.  When my husband and I were first married we never left their house without a bag of groceries or something to help us out. As a farm wife during the farm crisis of the 80’s she was a rock in their household. I hope to be as good to my daughters-in-law as she was and is to me.

My daughter-in-law is also an amazing young mom. She works full time but always has time to listen to my grandkids.  She is teaching them what is important in life and a great example to them of faith in action.

While mowing the lawn,  I also thought of those moms who have adopted children.  They may not have carried their children for 9 months in their bodies, but the moms I know have always carried them in their hearts.  They prayed for their future children as fervently as I prayed for mine.

There are the birth moms who loved their children enough to give them life.  Then, they loved them even more and gave them to couples who could give them a better life.  I cannot begin to imagine how hard that decision must have been.  I am filled with awe and admiration for their courage and love.

My heart goes out to the moms who have had to say good-bye to their children when they have miscarried or their children did not grow to be adults.  I have never had to walk that road but I know women who have had to make that journey.  They tell me they never forget what might have been.

So on this day….this special day set aside for moms, let’s celebrate all those moms.  Let’s celebrate the variety of mothers that God has put in this world. Those who cook and bake, those who work the 9 to 5 job and still make time to let their kids know they love them, those who cherish the gift of the child they have been given. Those moms who love and respect their children’s’  father and those moms who have had to go it alone.

Don’t forget to call your mom today and tell her thanks.  Not thanks for being the perfect mom but for being the right mom for you.

Being a Mother is a gift from God, a special gift that God puts into all Moms,
a gift to love their kids and protect them even if it meant putting their own life at risk to make sure that there is no danger against their kid’s!
It is a trust from our Heavenly Father that he puts into every Mother,
to look after his own kids while they live on this earth!

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