Tea Parties

Animal Tea Party

I have learned by observation this weekend.  I have learned I am not nearly as limber as I was 25 – 32 years ago when I parented my kids. Crawling around on the ground used to be a lot easier.

Grandpa and I were invited to a tea party tonight.  After seeing how low to the ground the seating was……we respectfully declined and pleaded age.  Coolers and suitcases are a little low for enjoying a good cup of tea.

I am not totally sure what the bears had to drink…….

I found it kind of interesting the kids were feeding animal crackers to their animal guests.  Seemed a little cannibalistic to me, but perhaps I lack imagination.

Looking at their guests kind of brings to mind Noah’s ark.  Where else would you find an alligator, 2 bears, a pony, a monkey, and a glo-worm all sipping tea together?  The tea set was limited to three cups and four saucers so I  believe there was lots of sharing going on.

The tea set they were playing with is vintage …like me.  I purchased it as a souvenir many many  (many) years ago as a child when I went with my family to the Badlands in South Dakota.  It came from a gift shop at the KOA campground. Little did I know that 48 years later my grandkids would be playing with it, missing pieces and all.

There are lots of conversations at tea parties with children. Grandpa had an interesting one with the 2 year old on the merits of ponies.  My granddaughter is an avid fan of My Little Pony.  It was so much fun watching her, hands on her little hips, tell her grandpa that her ponies did not bite people, brush them off on a tree or kick.  He was informed that coyotes were mean but ponies were not.

I have a feeling I had better not clear out the tea party area just yet. I think it may start up again tomorrow if the weather is still rainy and cold. I guess for now we will just walk around the coolers, chairs, suitcase, and animal guests. Hospitality at its’ finest.  There will be plenty of time next week to find my floor back.

For now, I will enjoy the adventure of being invited into the world of a child.  Grandpa and I will enjoy the great feeling of a lap full of grandkids, books and stuffed animals.

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Grandma & Grandpa

5 thoughts on “Tea Parties

  1. A Nenes Life says:

    That’s so adorable. I love having conversations with little ones and hearing what they have to say. So much innocence with them. Sounds like the tea party was a success and quite divine. I’m picking up my 2 yr old grand daughter tomorrow, she gets to spend a week with me, I’m pretty excited about play time with her!!

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