Resting in the Shadows

From My Front Porch

Resting in the Shadows

I spent a space of time sitting on my front porch after weeding in my garden the other day. The breeze was blowing, the air was sticky with humidity but at least moving. I could smell a faint whiff of the locust trees – they sometimes smell like lilacs.  I reflected that I had always thought that being in the shadows was a negative thing.

On a day such as this, a hot day, the shadows were cool and inviting. We have three huge locust trees in our front yard which shade the entire area beautifully. We always seem to have a breeze past the front of our house in the summer and it is wonderful.

The porch on the front is a great place to cool down after mowing, weeding, or whatever else has you out working in the hot sun.  Add a cool glass of ice water, a frozen fruit slush or a frozen fruit cup and it is one of the truly great blessings in life.

My hostas grow lush against a garage that borders our front yard. It is green and inviting. It is restful in the busyness that is summer. I love my shadowy place with it’s blooming lilies, columbines, sedum and bleeding heart bush.

There are many times in life when it is good to rest in the shadows. During the hard times when life is overwhelming due to sickness, heartache or anything else that is troublesome; the shadows can be a great place to curl up and gather yourself. A safe place. A quiet place.

We often think we need to keep plugging away at a problem to fix it.  We think if we just work a little longer, a little harder, a little smarter we will be able to overcome it. I can testify that sometimes, we (at least I) need to take some time to sit in the shadows and just be still.

Stella Del Oro Lily with verse

May today bring you some time to find, for yourself, a cool, shadowy place… with an inviting breeze that clears the cobwebs and brings the hint of a smell of flowers. May you have time to be still and just enjoy the small things around you.

Make some time to lay down your burdens and rest in His shadow.  Have a blessed weekend.

Come if you’re weary.
Come if you’re worn.
Come if your heart
has been battered and torn.
Come rest awhile
in the shade of the tree.
Come sit and rest,
in the shadows with Me.
Faye K

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28

12 thoughts on “Resting in the Shadows

  1. goldenbrodie says:

    Just returned from AZ heat being with my brother. His chickens enjoy mist that is piped through the roof of there pens. Each day I made them a “heat relief treat”, like frozen water with strawberries inside, frozen watermelon slices or frozen blueberries. They were in heaven. We drank tons of water while feeding, cleaning & then in unison with the sunset, our came the cold beer. He doesn’t have a porch but I know we’d enjoy a sit together. Love your post!

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