Remembering The Flood of 2014

Flood 2014

Flood of 2014


The weather has been really hot the last days and very humid. It would be so easy to complain about it (and I do) but I keep trying to remember that it can always be worse.

Two years ago the view from our porch was very different than it is today. After days of rainfall an earthen dam built by the WPA at a state park in Minnesota gave way.  All that water made it’s way downstream and some ended up by us….actually a lot ended up by us.

Typically the river is in it’s banks safely behind the line of trees in the photo above. Typically you can put on some boots and walk across it as it is a very shallow river…usually.

Normally we have a 30 foot cliff that looks over the river…..not two years ago. The photo below is the top of that cliff and the “lake” beyond my husband; is our cornfield

Water to top of the Cliff.JPG

Looking back; the eeriest thing about the flooding was that you could hear the river.  Normally it is a pretty quiet little river. Two years ago you could stand on the porch and instead of hearing the usual tractors, wind, and birds you heard water rushing through the fields and through the branches of the trees.

We were fortunate compared to many. We lost some acres of crop due to flood waters but others lost possessions and homes and all the memories that go with those items. There are bridges that were washed out on many gravel roads and they have still not been repaired.  For those living on those roads it has been an adjustment.

It was a blessing to see how people, churches, and businesses all banded together to get entire communities and families back on their feet. The people in this area are amazing.

I told someone recently that I am a “glass half-full” kind of person. I can usually see the bright side of most things (at least after awhile I can). Watching the waters come up two years ago made me realize exactly who was in control of my glass and that I really did not even own my glass. I was reminded that God had this and I should trust Him.

There are so many things in life I have no control over……other people, circumstances, jobs, weather, health to name a few. I might think I have control and then along comes a flood of some type and I realize, once again, that God is God and I am not. I am reminded I can only see this small portion of my life, but God can see the beginning and the end of my days. For that I am grateful.

May you have a blessed weekend!


When you go through deep waters,
I will be with you.
When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown.
When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up;
the flames will not consume you.
Isaiah 43:2  NLT


For more photos of the flooding of 2014 please click on the link below.  This young man is a storm chaser, friend of my son, and a great photographer.

Brent Koops Photography

12 thoughts on “Remembering The Flood of 2014

    • thechickengrandma says:

      We may have lost some crops two years ago, but I have learned in my lifetime that God has always been there. I have always had my needs met (maybe not my wants) and I am fortunate. Thank you so much for taking time to visit.

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