Father’s Day

Firm Foundation.jpg

My husband and I love to wander around old places and find out the history of those places. At a place called Klondike there are the remnants of an old mill. It has been years since the wood structure gave way to time and the elements but the foundation remains.

It is a great reminder that foundations, if built correctly and solidly, will stand the test of time and not fall apart when the storms come. It is a great visual for life and came to mind when I was reflecting on Fathers Day.

When I was a kid, my siblings and I used to ask how come Dad’s and Mom’s got their own special day and kids didn’t.  My dad used to reply that “every day is kid’s day”.  I didn’t understand back then; but as a parent and grandparent, I finally understand what he meant.

As a kid you don’t realize how much work parents put into raising their children. Looking back I can see how much work and how deep we had to dig to put in that firm foundation for our boys.  Fortunately my husband and I were blessed with parents who showed us by example, how to do that. And hopefully we left and are still leaving a foundation for our kids and our grandchildren. It is truly an investment in the future.

In honor of all those dads who put in the time and effort to be a dad….I honor you on this day made for dads. I know that not every child is blessed to have a dad who made the dad job a priority.

Last night, my husband and I got to hear an artist named Chris Tomlin sing at a festival called Rise Fest.  He sang a song that was perfect for this Fathers Day.  It is perfect if you had/have a great dad or if you had/have a dad who is way less than great.

I am happy to share the link with you for the song Good, Good Father”  This song gives a great message of hope that no matter what kind of earthly father we have. Our heavenly Father will never disappoint, will never let go, and will never cease to love us.

May you have a blessed Fathers Day this Sunday.

It is not flesh and blood
but the heart which makes us fathers and sons. 

Johann Schiller






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