Garden Maintenance

Weeding Tomatoes

It is amazing to me how fast the weeds seem to grow in my garden. It does not seem that long ago that I spent a couple days, hand pulling weeds, hoeing and mulching that garden. Here one week later I need to do it all over again.

After hanging up a load of wash I thought I would venture over to the garden and unfortunately no one had taken care of the weed problem.  I crawled over my chicken wire panels (to keep out the rabbits) and started pulling them out (the weeds).

In my years of gardening I have found out that you must be diligent in the care and maintenance of a garden plot. In my years of living I have also found out I must be diligent with the care and maintenance of my spiritual life. In both cases if I do not maintain them regularly the “weeds” will outgrow the plants and eventually kill them. I digress….

I also discovered that I have been having a visitor to my fenced in garden area. I found two new “doorways” along the back fence. A woodchuck has burrowed under the fence and been helping himself to my lettuce and carrots. I have filled his “doorway” back up with dirt but I have a feeling he will be back.Chuck

This is an old picture of a woodchuck that we named Chuck (very creative right?) He used to come “visit”  our house quite often.  He even spent the winter in our garage back when we had a dirt floor. I think our new visitor might be one of his descendants that is terrorizing my vegetables. Now if I could just train them to eat the weeds and leave the vegetables.

For some reason he does not seem to eat the onions. This fact is totally understandable to my husband who doesn’t want to eat them either.


Gardening is an ongoing struggle to stay ahead of the weeds and various critters who think I have planted it just for them. It is worth the struggle!

Much of life is like gardening.  It can be a lot of work that needs to be done over and over again. There are always plenty of “weeds” waiting to take over and just suck the joy out of life. But don’t give up. There is a harvest coming. That is a promise I am hanging on to.

Until then I will water, weed, and enjoy the journey of life and gardening.

Enjoy your weekend and may you find joy in your journey.

In simple humility,
let our gardener God,
landscape you with the Word,
making a salvation
-garden of your life.
James 1: ~21



8 thoughts on “Garden Maintenance

  1. marijo1245 says:

    The year my mom died I had a monster garden in the hill country of Texas. 1600 sqft worth of a garden. Drip irrigation set on a timer. The weed struggle was real. With careful cultivation I managed to harvest from March until I quit on my garden in the middle of December. The efforts I put in to keep the weeds out directly effected the outcome. In fact, through 5 moves now I still have dehydrated peppers and tomatoes in my fridge. Regular maintenence is crucial…keep a cultivated heart!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

    • thechickengrandma says:

      Your peppers sound like my pickles. We had such a large crop a few years back and I canned more pickles than I care to think about. My husband told me not to worry….I could forget about growing cukes for years.
      And yes, regular maintenance in life is crucial! I love the “cultivated heart” thought. Going to tuck that one away.

      Liked by 1 person

      • marijo1245 says:

        Okra…2 40 ft rows of the stuff…I pickled and pickled and ate every last jar! I loved my okra! I just can’t eat the habeneros quite like I did the okra, they tend to spice things up a bit!

        I can’t wait to see your “cultivated heart” post (hint hint!)

        Ps. The cotton in cotton country is growing nicely!

        Liked by 1 person

    • thechickengrandma says:

      My husband and I were discussing energy levels today. We decided we are not quite in our 30’s anymore…….Now we work, then take a break, then work some more.
      I am waiting for the tomatoes to produce…..cannot wait to put that first one, sliced, salted on a piece of crispy warm toast. Aaaahhhh sweet summer.


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