Darkness vs Light

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My husband and I were sitting on the porch with our morning coffee and the subject of all the killings came up. It was hard to imagine a world so full of hate when we were surrounded by the quiet of the morning.

We had no quick solutions, we had no easy answers, in fact there really was not any way to put what is happening into words.

The images on our television screens show people full of fear, racism, hate, loss, grief and anger. They show reactions to reactions to reactions to reactions and I wonder where did it all start?  Why are people stoking the fires of all this? What action started this vicious cycle? And how can we break it?

I read a post on a blog today “In the Face of your Grief and Anger Tend Your Space” by Michelle DeRusha.  I would encourage you to read it. She gives a voice to many of the fears and emotions this country and its’ people are going through these last days. She also shines a beautiful light into this darkness with her solution to “tend your space.”

There is not much I can do from where I am at.  But I can “tend my space”. I can always remember and not sweep the loss of these people under the rug in my mind.   I can show love, respect, compassion, and be Jesus with skin on to those around me. I can be light in a dark world.


7 thoughts on “Darkness vs Light

  1. Deb says:

    It is sad that there is this hatred in the world and why for what good reason? None! I know what you mean by sitting outside and absorbing the quiet, I love to do that too. Nature is so good for the soul. I have not read that article yet but am about to do so, thanks for sharing it. I think what we can do is continue to send love out into the world and never become discouraged. I really love this statement “be Jesus with skin on to those around me”, beautifully said Faye.

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