Meeting Mr. Roosevelt

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I just returned in the wee hours of the morning from a road trip with my sister that lasted from July 12-18. Due to the lack of sleep and the very fuzzy feeling of my brain this might be a short, hello I am back from DC post.

While we were there I had the opportunity to visit a lot of memorials with lots of metal and stone statues of former presidents. When my sister posed next to President Roosevelt she informed me that he was “hot”.  When it was my turn for a photo op with him, I found he was indeed hot…..literally. (What happens in DC ….. stays in DC.) The poor man was sitting in the full sun on a 95+ degree day.

I had no idea, a couple weeks ago, that I would be making a trip to Washington DC. My sister asked me to go with her as her husband could not make it. I had two days to decide and then 4 days to prepare.

I talked it over with my husband before deciding and the conversation went something like this:

Me:  So……what do you think? Do I say yes?
Husband: Why would you not?
Me: Well….it is like 6-7 days.  That’s kind of a long time to be gone…..without you….
Husband: Pshhhh  just make sure there is milk and cereal in the house. I can take care of myself. ( He is pretty self-sufficient)
Me: Hmmmmm…..I guess I am going to DC!

Five days later I boarded a bus and spent hours, (did I say hours?) on the road with my sister and a bunch of people I had never met before. I am here to testify that buses taken on long distance trips are not meant for anyone over 20. I think they had contortionist in mind when the seats were designed for people with shorter legs than mine (and I am not tall!)

We did survive and spent 4 amazing days in our nations capitol. I discovered that the people of this country are wonderful, kind people and everyone I met seemed to be colorblind and were so helpful to a couple women from the Midwest.  Our husbands are probably amazed that we did not get lost while we were there. We are slightly directionally challenged.

The highlight of our stay (and there were many) was Saturday. We spent most of the day volunteering, praising and worshipping with thousands and thousands of people at the National Mall. It was an amazing experience to pray and sing with others who love God, others and this country. The Together 2016 Reset event was something that was over too soon.

Together 2016

Note: This photo was not taken by me but posted on the facebook page of Rise Ministries which helped line up the buses that we took to DC.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to make this trip with my sister. The people we met, the sites we saw, the feeling of being “together” was awesome.

Don’t let the media fool you……this nation has people that care regardless of race, gender, age, etc. This nation has so much more potential and so much hope and we are indeed “Better Together”.

#Jesus Changes Everything
Together 2016 Reset


9 thoughts on “Meeting Mr. Roosevelt

    • thechickengrandma says:

      Well shoot, I should have known that…..we could have met :)!
      And yes our world does need together. It was so cool to see people of every color, age, gender and religion worshipping together and having a common goal.
      D.C. is one of the neatest cities I have ever been to – so much history (which I love).

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