Beneath the Beans


Under the Beans

While walking beans this morning my shoe came undone; I bent over to retie the lace and discovered an amazing place.

I told my husband that he should really take a look- he did not take me up on that. On the surface all you could see was green waving leaves and some little grasshoppers (which I have learned bite viciously). The sun beats down on you when you stand above those leaves and you hope to catch a cool breeze.

Once you get down under the canopy of leaves it is a rather sun-dappled world. A light breeze ruffles the yellowing leaves underneath. Small bugs walk around totally oblivious to the world above and the smell of dirt and leaves is rich.

Sparkling Sunlight Through The Leaves

You also see the pods that have formed and the little purple blooms drying up to become the pods that will fill with soybeans. It is ripe with the promise of abundance that will take care of us for the coming year.

I cannot say I love walking beans as it is usually hot; but I will say that there is a sense of season and continuity that comes with doing certain tasks during the different seasons. It is also a time that my husband and I spend hashing out the problems of the world and life in general.

When walking beans, it is better to focus on the harvest to come and to focus on the rows already cleaned than to focus on what rows are yet left to do. I think much of life is like that…..looking behind to see how far you have actually come. It makes going through the hard places so much easier to see how many you have already made it through.There is also a sense of fulfillment when looking over a bean field that has been totally cleaned.

My husband made the comment that bean fields are a lot like life.  We all want the biggest, cleanest, most productive “field” that we can have.  You start out, you plant the field with great hopes and wait for the spring rains.  Once they are growing you wait for the rains to stop so you can get in there and get rid of the weeds. When you have done everything you can for that field you just have to wait and remember that God is in control and all you can do is, once again, wait and pray.

As farmers and people who live our lives we sometimes have a tough time being patient for the harvest.  We cringe when the weather turns ugly with hail, storms, high winds and generally things that seem hurtful.

I have told people that we may not always have had the biggest crop, we may not always have it “easy” but we have never been hungry or had to walk out of our home naked.  I think that makes us fortunate. (I will not say blessed because I have a tough time tying blessing to wealth.)

I am indeed grateful for this life that lets me find lessons in the small things. I love the lessons I can find (with my husband’s help) under the beans.

If you so choose,
even the unexpected setbacks can bring new and positive possibilities.
If you so choose,
you can find value and fulfillment in every circumstance.
Ralph Marston

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16 thoughts on “Beneath the Beans

  1. In The Autumn Of My Life says:

    Lovely descriptive post! I had not heard the term ‘walking the beans’ either.

    Yes, when we look back on our lives there are always incidents where life was tough but we have come through them and out the other side. Maybe with a few scars but then they are a badge which says we fought hard, didn’t give up and came out triumphant.

    I hope your day is a wonderful one, Faye!

    Liked by 2 people

    • thechickengrandma says:

      I realize I may not have said they were soybeans LOL. Around here if volunteer corn come up in your bean fields you “walk” them with either a hoe or a corn knife (machete type thing) and chop the corn and weeds out.
      I love the scars being a “badge” that we earned!
      You have a wonderful day also.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. beeorganizedwithpamela says:

    As a farmers daughter I enjoyed your post today. Living where we do I see lots of corn now and cotton a little later. You nailed it about weather. Dad is always talking about rain or the lack there of. Farming is a hard job. Your beans look great and I learned something new about walking the beans.
    Have a wonderful day.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. marijo1245 says:

    I have spent the better part of today thinking about your post…and finding God’s blessings in the everyday. There is so much to this life and the little joys that can be found “beneath the beans”! I would have to agree that a blessed life is not a life of earthly riches…it’s not about the money, it’s all about our heavenly father and storing up our treasure in heaven where moths and grasshoppers and rust cannot corrupt! The ability to find God in the everyday…that’s a blessing. Thank you so much for sharing that simple, yet profound, slice of heaven! I’m glad your shoe came untied!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Merry Hearts Medicine says:

    Wow, you gleaned a lot of wisdom from a bean! I have also discovered many amazing a beautiful things by sticking my camera in unusual places. There is intricate beauty and many blessings all around us every day if we just take the time to look. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog today. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • thechickengrandma says:

      I am learning to look around with new eyes. It is always fun to look through the lens of a camera… seem to see stuff you would not normally focus on.
      I am so glad you stumbled upon my blog!
      I will be checking yours out also!

      Liked by 1 person

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