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I was reading a post by kindergarten knowledge the other day titled “Listen….Young Me….Listen!!”  In this post she writes about what she would tell the younger version of who she is today.

I started thinking about that and that led to thinking about how I will never be younger than I am today. Which, in turn, led me to thinking about things I would still love to do before I leave this world……it also led me to think about things I have zero desire to do before I leave this world. And it detoured past things my kids do while they are in this world.

Things I would like to do. Travel, travel again and then pack up and travel some more.  I would like to see so many places that I have never seen or only seen briefly.  The Grand Canyon is one of these places that are at the top of my list. Many years ago, as youth leaders at our church, my husband and I took a group of high school kids to a youth convention in Flagstaff, AZ. On the way home we were allotted one hour to see the Grand Canyon. That was rather like being shown an ice cream cone; but only getting to hold it and not eat it. So the Grand Canyon remains at the top of the list.

I would like to go on a cruise.  This one may not ever happen as it is not a desire my husband has. I have a thing for boats and water and he has a thing for mountains and uninhabited places. So we compromise and I go along to the mountains, which are beautiful, and if there is a lake I get to be by the water. I will just continue to dream about a cruise, warm sandy beaches, ocean waves and seashells. I must confess I do love the sights, sounds and smells of the mountains. I love the craggy peaks, rushing water, and pine trees. A trip to the mountains is also a lot cheaper than a cruise and we can camp….that does make it a win.

I would love to go on a vacation to any location and take our kids and grandkids. A camping trip would be good, a few days in the Black Hills would be awesome or even having them all stay here at the same time would be a great Staycation. To me that would be the best vacation ever…..even if the grand kids get tired and crabby……or even if the grandparents get tired and crabby…..someone will send the tired and crabby ones to bed…….

There are also some things I have absolutely no desire to do.  Never ever, in a million years will I be bungee jumping. This would rank right up there with parachuting out of a perfectly good airplane.(My nephew in the 82nd Airborne might not understand me on this one). I would have to be unconscious to do either of these things…..and then, if I can’t remember it, what would be the point? These activities also carry the great risk of heart failure, wetting my pants, throwing up or all three at the same time; so I am definitely passing on putting these two items on my bucket list.

Another thing I will also not personally be doing is mountain climbing. My husband and I have 3 sons who do this for “fun”! Mt. Elbert was one of the first ones they climbed.

Mr. Elbert Colorado

They make an annual trek to the state of Colorado to make their way up some 14,000 footers. I am not totally sure how many they have conquered so far but I do know they have done some that I cannot even watch the go-pro video they took. I pray a lot when they head for Colorado.Mountain Climbing Greys Torreys via Kelso Ridge


Maybe bungee jumping or parachuting would be safer????? I really think they should maybe take up some safe hobbies like basket weaving? wine making? soap making? Oh wait…..those are things on my list!

I guess when it really comes down to it, what I really want out of life is for my family to get along, my kids to be the best of friends and always have each others’ backs, that someday I will see my family all in heaven and that when I am gone I will be remembered as that slightly crazy Chicken Grandma. And hopefully when they remember me they will all get a huge smile on their faces.

I am pretty sure everyone has some thing they secretly long to do…..some place you want to visit…..or a new thing you want to try.

“God gave us the gift of life;
it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”




21 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. A Nenes Life says:

    I’ve been on one cruise unwillingly with my daughter. It was her wish for her graduation gift, so I obliged. And I loved it, there was so much to do and eat and then there was more to eat. Lots of shows and planned activities and the different ports to visit and new foods to try. Gather up a couple girl friends and go for it. I think rock climbing is only for the half crazy, I’m not quite sure what people see in that but I prefer to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground. Good luck with your travels!

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  2. PaperPuff says:

    Another great post to read! Hear, hear on the parachuting and bungee jumping. When I was (much) younger I did briefly consider doing the parachute jump for charity, then I remembered I get petrified standing on the third rung of a ladder…

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  3. goldenbrodie says:

    Travel, travel and more travel…the list is long. O know where I want to go and I also know I want my husband with me and for other trips my grandchildren and other places with good friends. I did the bungee thing in Costa Rica and still hold onto that day, that moment. My second granddaughter and I went to Maui for her 13th bday and we did it all…I challenged myself snorkeling and zip-lining through a pineapple farm with elevations that scared me but when over…I was so glad that I stretched myself. I could go on…but want to thanks you again for awakening my memories. Happy and blessed Labor Day weekend.

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  4. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    Ohhh what a truly wonderful post. It drew me in, closed it’s warm arms around me and cradled me as it read this ‘story’ to me, stopping every now and again so that I too could think and allow my mind to wander to places I would like to go to, visit or just sit in. You have an incredible art of being able to write your words so that a reader can connect with them.

    On a personal note … I too would like to cruise. I’d love to be away from the land and connect with nature via the sea. Allow my thoughts to drift and my body to rest and even perhaps repair itself in some ways. But .. I know that I couldn’t be away from my dog because I’d worry about her.

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  5. Deb says:

    I love this! You start with wanting to travel, travel, travel, followed by a cruise that won’t happen, going camping in the Black Hills but the ultimate vacation would be a Staycation at your house with all your family. And in the end you realize that what you really want is to be with and love all of your family, which to me is at the top of the bucket list! So through this journey of your post I realized that you already have your bucket list, isn’t that wonderful!! I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, I would love to see it, my parents went and told me how amazing it is! My newest desire is, helping others, especially the elderly. After taking care of my mother this past July it really planted a seed in me. I received so much emotional reward in knowing how much I was helping another it has inspired me. I’m pointing myself in that direction now. 🙂

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      My daughter in law would totally understand your desire to help the elderly. She is a physical therapist and works with the elderly in nursing homes to get them back into their homes. She loves working with that age group. Which is good cause the older I get the more she will love me :)!

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      • Deb says:

        Lol, you are so funny Faye!! Yes ironically my mother was a nurse and she worked in a nursing home too and loved her job. Guess that desire being passed down to me.
        How could your daughter in law not love you…impossible!!! 😉

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