The County Fair


The Chicken Grandma Goes to the Fair.


There is a county in our area that has the most amazing county fair. The famous Clay County Fair (or as we used to call it the Spencer Fair – is located in the town of Spencer) is one of the  biggest county fairs I know of.

My husband and I decided we would attend yesterday as it was not raining. It was cold but we decided wearing a coat was better than using an umbrella to stay dry. It was also better than some years when it is so hot you just sit and bake in the sun. At least when it is cold and windy you can add more clothes…..when it is hot there is only so much you can take off before you either scare people or get arrested.

Every day at this county fair they have a special gate admission for various groups.  The day we went was a discount for senior citizens. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) we do not yet qualify for this discount.  The only concern we had was would there be enough benches for us to rest on when we wanted to sit down? Senior day tends to see the benches with lots of white haired (or no haired) people utilizing them.

We found seating was not such a problem this year as a lot of the seniors rented scooters or rode around on golf carts. After walking around the entire day those scooters and carts looked really, really good!

We spent the day wandering the grounds looking at farm machinery, antiques, tractors, and classic cars. Those are my husbands favorite categories. I love to go in the buildings that have the displays of hand-made quilts, cards, scrapbook pages, canned goods, etc.

It was also fun to taste the samples of the products the vendors were trying to sell. There was a booth that had the most amazing fried bacon Wisconsin cheese. I wanted to buy some till I saw the price. I am a little to tight to pay that much for a small square of cheese.

I love to watch the salesmen trying to sell the gadgets and gizmos.  I do have to restrain myself from purchasing these gadgets and gizmos because how many of them do I really need? At least that is what I keep telling myself; as the man is slicing and dicing vegetables and telling me every reason that I should possess that gadget…..and he has some really good reasons.

A day at the fair is not complete without purchasing a 1/2 pound pork tenderloin sandwich basket for our meal. My husband and I usually share a basket because that is a lot of food and we need to save room for important food like nutty bars and/or Tom Thumb donuts.

The Poultry Building is also a big draw for me…….I guess I would not be the Chicken Grandma if I did not like chickens?  My husband just laughed and wondered if I really needed to see them when I could look at chickens any time I want to. I just told him these were different chickens and went on to have a little conversation with someone else’s girls. They were all very attentive when I spoke with them.

One of our favorite buildings is the second oldest one on the fairgrounds…..the Agriculture building. They are going to be taking it down as it is no longer up to code. This made us sad as we like the old buildings and this one always had the farm produce, home-made wines,  4-H exhibits and the mammoth pumpkins.


Maybe it made us sad because we really don’t like to see change. There is a comfort in the familiar. There is a comfort in things remaining constant. It is not always possible to keep things as they were; but knowing that fact does not make change any easier to do.

I have a feeling that the older I get, the less I will like change. I totally agree with the old adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”  Unfortunately the Agriculture building is “broke”. I will get over it (even though I am not sure I want to) eventually.

There is nothing permanent except change.

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16 thoughts on “The County Fair

  1. marijo1245 says:

    I absolutely love it! Himself and I are always drawn to the chickens as well. I used to sing to my chickens while feeding them or cleaning pens or while I carried them around (kinda odd) but I always found myself singing to the chickens at the fair as well. You can only imagine the strange looks from the humans…the chickens loved it!

    As far as fair food goes…himself goes in for a turkey leg and I’m dead set on corn dogs!

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  2. Cattie's World says:

    There is nothing permanent except “CHANGE”. If only we Accept this as “The Will of God”, it will seem easier to accept changes.
    My mouth watered when I read about that “fried bacon Wisconsin cheese”. I would have bought it and eaten it immediately. I can’t resist bacon and cheese.
    As for those vendors selling gadgets, I always end up falling in love with them and now I must be having atleast 10 different choppers, cutters, grinders at home, all lying Idle cause my maid still uses her loyal knife.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I remember as a kid loving chickens. My dad would take baby chicks home from a farmer and when they got to big to have in town he would bring them back.
      Change is always hard. I just keep telling myself that God has got whatever change it is and it will be okay.


  3. PaperPuff says:

    How nice to see a proper photo of you! The fair seems like a load of fun. Plus, the food. American food always sounds soooo good, even if we have no idea what it actually is over here. I have never heard of fried bacon cheese but now I think I want to try it!

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  4. kindergartenknowledge says:

    I feel really sad about the agriculture building. Did the 4-H members show in that building? Our daughter showed a Brahman heifer in high school. What a fun experience! She showed at a lot of country fairs plus the state fair in Dallas. Also at the Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio rodeos. The high school she attended has a big ag program. All of the parents went to all the shows and we cooked in crock pots right there by the heifer stalls! Your country fair sounds wonderful! I go to the same places as you at the state fair and Mike goes to see all of the tractors and farm equipment. We take turns being kind of bored with each other’s interests! We also look at the metal buildings because we need another storage/work area at the farm. This will be our fifth year to look at the same building! Maybe this will be the big year to purchase, but I don’t want to use vacation money!! Now I am hungry for that cheese!!!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      The ag building held the static exhibits of the 4-H kids. Like the refinished furniture, baked goods etc.
      I love how you say you take turns being bored……that is exactly what it is. Lar sits on the bench and rests while I look at quilts, baked goods etc. I find a bench or tractor tire while he roams the machinery area.
      I also laughed about you two looking at metal buildings for five years. That is SO like us. We finally went to Menards when they had metal buildings on sale plus the 11% rebate and took the plunge. Our sons and our daughter in law’s dad and brother helped put it up. Ours is a pole building so was not hard to construct…..just took most of the summer weekends.


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