Stupid Computers

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I am learning, the hard way, that electronics (especially computers) can be troublesome pieces of equipment. I am also coming to realize I might be slightly addicted to my laptop and I am lost when it is on the fritz.  My husband laughed when he read the word – slightly.  I am not sure why…..okay, maybe I know why.

For the last couple days our laptop has the annoying habit of just shutting down while in the middle of important tasks. This is so irritating when I am in the middle of typing something amazingly profound for a blog post.

I am not often profound so when I am having a really deep thought I need to just keep going with it. Profoundness (or is it profundity?) should never be interrupted….especially for something like electronic issues.  Maybe if I knew anything about computers it would not be such an issue?

For this reason I am a day late on my blog posting.  It does make me wonder if God knew how busy this week would turn out to be and how many weird, non-normal things my husband and I would run into. Everything from  relatives in the hospital to rainstorms that sent us over 4 inches of rain in one afternoon have guaranteed that our week was kind of out of sync.

I have decided to cut myself some slack on making my deadline and receive the extra day as a gift. I have a feeling that many of us could use a day of no computers and time to focus on family, friends, rain and just taking the time for a big sigh.

The computer issue also insures that this will be a short blog post due to the fact I have no idea how long it will stay working.  I think the problem is in the part where the power cord plugs into the computer. The battery has long since died and we have just been keeping it plugged in.

Once I get the thing up and running I sit very very still so as not to jostle the cord. I may have to take it to a computer doctor to have it properly diagnosed and see if a  5 year old laptop is worth fixing or if it should be on the “do not resuscitate” list.

If I do not reply to a comment or leave a comment on your post; you will now know the reason why.  I do not mean to ignore you… fact when the computer is being pesty I really miss keeping in touch! So many of you I will probably never meet in person, but I have come to think of you as friends.

May you have a blessed weekend!

To err is human –
and to blame it on a computer is even more so.
Robert Orben

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18 thoughts on “Stupid Computers

  1. marijo1245 says:

    Oh what truth you speak. My laptop doesn’t move from the table, the cord is taped in place (it’s an 09) as the battery is gone as well. Fortunately, I began all my blogging and have the WordPress app on my phone! Hopefully the rain was a good thing for you…we received a couple inches last night and I was able to watch my creek flow!!

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  2. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    Bless thy computer for it has sinned! (I know this pain).

    I am a little more fortunate. I have a little laptop which I bought about 5 years ago, (but it feels like it should have belonged to Noah)… and it now does some of those things – like turning itself off., and it puts the cursor in places I don’t want to type and all sorts of shiff like that … but some of these things are my fault. I accidentally touch the little mousepad/touchpad with my thumb. I never used to … so I can only think that I’ve got old and lazy and don’t pick up my thumbs enough, like I used to.

    Like you, my battery has turned up it’s boots, so if the machine gets unplugged by accident, it gives me around 5 seconds of power – just long enough for my brain to freeze in that OH NO! moment, before it goes SHATDUP and dies. So yes I do know your pain, and can feel it.

    I hope you don’t end up not being able to puter and post because I’ll miss you, and I hope that you can get things sorted out ASAP.
    Sending love and healing vibes to the ‘puter. ~ Cobs. x

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I am going to try limp this one along but I am going to have to get computer shopping! My kids have a debate about what I should purchase… graphic kids say I need an Apple product and the other ones tell me a PC would be the most familiar.
      I have a feeling I will need to be deciding soon.
      I figured you would feel the pain. It is good to have someone understand the misery.

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  3. In The Autumn Of My Life says:

    I love technology as much as you seem to, for much the same reasons hehe. It is good and useful in its place but why does it always misbehave at the wrong time…like a child in the supermarket hehe.

    I am on catch up myself. The weeks are flying past at the moment. Busy, busy!

    I wish you a wonderful week, Faye!

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