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For some reason October has been chosen as Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have no idea if there is a significant reason for choosing October over any other month of the year.  I do know it is good to have a reminder to get your mammogram.

One of the favorite stories on my mom’s side of the family has to do with my grandma and mammograms. Grandma was a women who took staying healthy kind of seriously. She had surgeries to correct things like carpel tunnel, bad hips and gallbladders gone bad. She also made sure she had her annual physical.

When Grandma was into her upper 80s or 90s (I am not sure which) she made her annual trip to the Dr. to get all the necessary checking and testing done. She came home ticked off……really ticked off. She called my mom and voiced her complaint. They had not even given her that “mammography” test! Mom tried to calm her down by telling her that they wouldn’t do them at her age because if they found something what would they do? Would she be physically capable of going through surgery if something was found?  Mom got off the phone (Grandma still mumbling) and relayed the conversation to the rest of us. It has become one of my favorite mammogram stories about a family member.

I remember one very memorable “mammography” where I was the victim patient. I followed all the instructions…..changed into that very fashionable attractive gown, sat and waited in a little room with a big machine and waited a little longer.

Not too much later, the technician came in and had me take my place by the machine. We went through all the steps and she took her place behind the shield to start the process. (I always kind of wonder how much radiation I am getting and shouldn’t I have one of those shields too? I have a friend, Carolyn, who wonders what would happen, at this point if an earthquake hit?) It didn’t take long and she told me I could take a step back from the machine. I stood there for just a bit and pondered how I was going to do that…..I was still firmly held in the grip of the machine!

I calmly informed the tech of that fact; and how if I could step back that would be a pretty neat trick. I have never seen someone move so fast to punch the appropriate buttons to release me. I have also not heard anyone apologize so profusely!  I had to laugh (which amazed her). I was told there were women who would NOT take a circumstance like this with humor. I did think that was too bad as most of the good stories come from crazy stuff like this and the ability to see the funny side of it.

My thought was that if this was the worst life dealt me I had better get on my knees and thank the Lord. If you do have concerns about having a mammogram; I love this advice from Barbara Johnson – Breast Gymnastics. If you are still concerned and need something to calm you down make sure you open a bottle and take a big whiff of Stress Away…..maybe even apply some to your wrists and just keep sniffing.

However you feel about mammograms just make sure you get one done as it could possibly save your life. I have friends who have had breast cancer and it is a hard road to walk. Have your mammogram and catch it early.

Happy Preparing and Happy Mammogram!!


“Whoever thought of the word mammogram?
Every time I hear it I think I am supposed
to put my breast in an envelope
and send it to someone.”






34 thoughts on “Mammographies

  1. Gunta says:

    I’m afraid I’d have to go down with the machine! Once again you make me feel blessed to have our “Women’s Imaging Center”. They have the cutest little terry robes to change into. Almost like the robes at a spa. I was told that the Soroptimists organization donated them. I’ve reached an age where there’s a difference of opinion about whether I should continue, but my current doctor insists, I fudge it and go every other year. Now I’ll have to try to figure out why you’re a chicken grandma… 😀

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Your Women’s Center sounds lovely!
      I am the Chicken grandma because I do have chickens that run around our farmyard. My Grandkids call me that so they know which Grandma and Grandpa they are going to go see. The other set of grandparents are the Cat Grandparents. :).

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  2. PaperPuff says:

    I love your friend Carolyn’s thinking here. How the heck would you get out? I still think with a lot of these ‘female only’ checks, or indeed childbirth, if men had to undergo them, a different, more comfortable and dignified procedure would have been discovered long ago!

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  3. Margie says:

    Your grandma’s story reminds me of my last routine colonoscopy. The Doctor told me I probably would only need one more… there is an upside to getting older!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Good to know about the upsides :). My mom is 83 and she keeps asking her doctor if she can be done with the mammograms. He tells her that her health is good so maybe should have one more. Every year turns into one more LOL


  4. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    I have to go for my ‘session’ soon. I have to say that whenever I’m in the grips of that butter pressing block …. I always get to that moment where I think my ‘addition’ is going to POP! Always gives me a moment of panic.

    I never thought about how I’d get out of the machine if *something* happened…. but now you’ve said it, I’m going to bring it up at the session, in a sort of jokey kind of way, and see what they say. (I want to be ready with the knowledge, should I ever need it) lol.

    Sending huge squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Let me know what their response is to the “emergency escape” question. I can pass that information on to Carolyn. I was just relieved (in more ways than one) that her release buttons did work when she finally got to pushing them.

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  5. kindergartenknowledge says:

    I can’t believe that I missed another post! I laughed out loud about your grandma and I am at a doctor’s office… I brought a friend to have a back procedure. The reception room was so quiet until I read your mammogram story! Now I am worried about an earthquake during an ultrasound that I am going to have next week! Anyway…another great post! And I had a mammogram two weeks ago!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thechickengrandma says:

      I get to have one in two weeks! I will also be thinking about the earthquake thing thanks to Carolyn!
      Do you find when you try to laugh quietly and discreetly it is nearly impossible and sometime the sound just kind of comes out your nose like a snort? LOL I ask from personal experience :).


  6. kindergartenknowledge says:

    I have told three other friends about Carolyn and the earthquake comment. I hope that she doesn’t mind! However, they need to be told of the possibility so that they have a plan! Such a vulnerable position! When I had a MRI last year, I was worried that everyone would leave to go to lunch…leaving me in the machine. I even told the technician to just wait for lunch until I was done. He thought it was hysterical! I may have been a bit dramatic! About the inappropriate laughing in the doctor’s reception room this morning…I tried to be quiet and the laugh did turn out to be not a pretty laugh! Yes, it was like a snort!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Like I said…..I asked because of personal experience.
      I have never had an MRI….I think that might put me in a slight panic because I too would worry they would forget and leave me. Ooooh the medical profession does put us in such precarious positions!


  7. leadership2mommyship says:

    Thank you for this reminder! My mother is a breast cancer survivor! And a friend of mine detected her own lump that was not picked up during her mammography–so don’t forget the importance of self exams too! Know your breast! I have to remind myself of this too.

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