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Pete the Pirate joins us for Thanksgiving


My husband has a thing for purchasing odd and unusual items during this Fall/Thanksgiving/Halloween season. A few years ago he found “Pete the Pirate” at a second hand store.

We do love to cruise the aisles of the second-hand and Goodwill stores……You just never know what you will find. You can find things that you did not know you needed to have until you actually see them. That is what happened with Pete.

We were looking through all the different things the store had to offer.  I am usually looking at books for myself and the grandkids, or craft items (you can never have to many books or craft items). I noticed my husband hanging out in the back of the store with a bunch of other guys.

I thought it would be wise to go see what he was up to.  As I came around the rack that held the bath towels, I saw him…… He was standing next to a life size pirate. This particular pirate came complete with hat, beads, peg leg, hook and a box full of electronics.

The first words out of his mouth (my husband’s …… not Pete’s) were, “Look at this!  Isn’t this great…….We should buy this!” The first words out of mine were, “What in the world would we do with a pirate?” My husband was much fuller of excitement and enthusiasm about this than I was.

I did notice that the majority of the people hanging around the pirate were guys. They all looked impressed and were making comments of “Sweet!” “That is so Cool!”…..

It did not take long and Pete was in a cart, legs dangling over the sides, holding his box of electronics and headed for the check out line. I should specify…..he was in a cart pushed by my husband, who felt he had won the pirate lottery.

As we stuffed Pete in the trunk of our car we were grateful no one reported to the authorities that someone was stuffing a body in a car trunk.

Once we got Pete home, we promptly sat him in a rocking chair in the living room and tried hooking up his electrical stuff. We discovered that when you plugged him in, his head would swivel and his very blue eyes would move. It was eerie the way those eyes seemed to follow our every move. We also discovered that if we were electronic wizards we would be able to figure out how to make him talk through a transmitter and receiver set up.  As we are not electronic wizards, all that stuff is still tucked safely away in the box that held it at the store.

The first Thanksgiving after Pete joined our family we hosted my side of the family for Thanksgiving dinner. We parked Pete in his own chair by the table and waited for the reactions as family arrived. We were not disappointed. Some were slightly freaked out. Some were totally freaked out (mainly the women) and some were in awe (the guys).

Pete has now become a permanent fixture in our home.  He hangs out in a spare room upstairs that houses the toys for the grandkids. At first our grandson did not like Pete. He has since learned Pete is harmless and that this is a pirate that will willingly lend his hat to a 5 year old.




Meanwhile, we continue to enjoy the second hand
and Goodwill stores.  I have talked my husband
down from a few purchases.  Purchases, such as a
foot tall, owl shaped candle and a scraggly teddy
bear with a human face.

Last week I was unable to talk him down from his
latest purchase……an adult sized costume of a coyote
(I think it might be a coyote).  I guess if someone can
have a good time for $4.00…..who am I to stand in
his way?

After 36 years, I have discovered that marriage is about compromise. He buys a $4.00 coyote type costume and I buy a $4.00 tea set. Who knows, in the coming years, what will find a home in our spare room.

May you have a safe Halloween or as I knew this holiday as a kid….Happy Reformation Day!

Thrift shops are my favorite places for inspiration,
you never know what you are going to find. It’s a treasure hunt.
Paul Octavious


28 thoughts on “Halloween

    • thechickengrandma says:

      I think he likes to go for the reaction. He loves to buy these things and just watch what the kids will say. The last coyote purchase so far has one shaking his head and another loving it. Yup……who knows what crazy or normal really is? LOL
      It probably explains a lot about our kids………

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  1. kindergartenknowledge says:

    That is one scary Pete the Pirate…I wish that I had a Pete for Thanksgiving! We will have lots of children and they would have a fit over him! I would let him ride in my golf cart! We go quite crazy in thrift stores. There’s one in Branson that is supposed to be an antique store, but I think it is full of terrific junk that I need. I like it that your husband wanted and needed Pete because about three years ago Mike bought a big, big fake owl for my classroom. If someone got too close to him, he hooted very weirdly and turned his head around! Sometimes when we were all in circle having a lesson, he would suddenly start hooting and turning! Not one person was near him… at least none that we could see! Really! After school was out, he was still in the back of my car with some book boxes. He started hooting when I was ordering a Coke at Sonic! Scared me so much! Evidently, I should have ordered iced tea! Your husband would absolutely be impressed by Mr. Owly! These two husbands of ours are sort of alike!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      My husband would like to know if you would like to sell the owl. To quote him when I read your comment, “I would be interested in that owl……” He actually loves owls and when the grandkids are here they will all sit out and listen for owls. One of the favorite books he used to read our boys was something about going “owling”
      I do think these two guys of ours are alike!
      It would be so much fun to put Pete in a golf cart! Maybe he could have the owl perched on his shoulder instead of a parrot as he did not come with a parrot!


      • kindergartenknowledge says:

        Yes…they are alike! The owl on Pete’s shoulder would be ideal. I did not think of that idea at all. I must get with the program! Well…about selling Mr.Owly…his value went up drastically when he started hooting without obvious people around! The owl is my close friend and helper…I think. When any child started talking loudly and getting off track last year, all I had to say was “Mr. Owly is so unhappy right now!”…it worked all the time. So…I will do the next best thing…I will take a video of him tomorrow. I have to find him among my school items in the garage! I should have brought him inside for Halloween. Besides, Mr. Owly is not so sure about the snow. Or the chickens. Mike thinks that your girls would leave and go to the next farm if my owl was around! Think about the problem! However, we do need Pete very, very much!

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      • thechickengrandma says:

        LOL. The girls are safe from Mr. Owly…..owls only come out at night around here and my girls are long sleeping by then :). We do have people that put fake owls in their garages to keep the pigeons out…..never sure if that works or not.

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  2. Anne Mehrling says:

    I’ve been a Lutheran for 53 years, so it’s Reformation Day for me, too. No one ever wore anything special in our church in NY, but in Asheville lots of people wore red. John had a red tie, and I had a red blouse. Mine had to do double duty — July 4th and yesterday. About half the congregation had something red on.

    Pete is an interesting character. I could see where he would add atmosphere to any gathering.

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  3. PaperPuff says:

    So, this is why you and your husband need to watch a Harryhausen movie! They are full of props like Pete! I like that you mentioned the stores had stuff you didn’t know you needed until you saw them. Otherwise we have you and your husband sitting over a morning coffee, writing a shopping list like: a lamp; a gravy boat; a punch bowl; electronic life-size pirate…. Imagine how disappointed he would have been if all you got was a gravy boat…

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Laughing my head off here with the visual of my husband and I making that list!!! Yes he would have been so disappointed to just come home with a gravy boat. A lamp might have been fine….if it was odd enough or retro enough.
      I am going to have to check those movies out!!! If they have props like Pete, my husband will even like them!

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      • PaperPuff says:

        I hope I haven’t ‘bigged them up’ too much. They are a bit of a cult thing, I think, but were always on TV here on Bank Holidays. The animation looked dated even then!

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  4. ladybug165 says:

    I enjoyed your post it sounds just like me and my husband. We love going to thrift stores because you never know what your going to find . My husband collects records and old toys and records and model kits. He has quite a collection.

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  5. kindergartenknowledge says:

    I have been thinking about Pete today! On a pretty day when the grandchildren are coming over, you should let Pete sit in the almost fallen down tree! It would be so strange! You could put a sign on him…”BRING ME MY PARROT OR ELSE”! I have absolutely got to find a Pete. Mike wants and needs one. I didn’t make the video of Mr. Owly today. I had way too much to do. I have no idea how I ever had the time to teach school!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I can see you now…..searching ebay and Amazon, craigslist and online swaps….on the hunt for another Pete or his brother. Yes Mike should have one. Every man needs one to help support his inner pirate.
      Maybe I should start looking for a stuffed parrot! or a toucan or something. I am really liking the idea of Pete in the tree. Maybe we should include him in a Christmas picture…….so many ideas…..so little time.

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  6. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    Pete … could have been strung up in a tree on Halloween, like he’d been hung for doing a bad deed.
    At Christmas … I’d swap his Pirate hat for a Santas hat, and drape a bit of tinsel around his neck, and you’d have yourself a posh Santa pirate.

    You could just jack him up at any time of year which has a celebration and he’d fit the bill!

    Chicken … I saw something today and just HAD to share it with you. I think that since Chicken Grandad hasn’t taken the hint about buying that huuuuuge chicken for your garden, I think that he should do the decent thing instead, and buy this costume:- http://blog.modcloth.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/vintage-halloween-chicken.jpg

    (copy and paste the link into a new browser page and click ‘enter’ to see the picture.)

    Of course .. this could be Chicken Grandad already …. and he’s planning to give you this outfit on Christmas morning. LOL
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      bwhahahahaha!!!!!! Oh goodness!! I am going to have to show him that! I wonder if he would be a good sport and wear that for me? I have a feeling …… not. There might even be words! I may have to save that photo and use it for a card front for another friend of mine who is also a chicken lady. Now……to just think of a great caption for that picture :).

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  7. leadership2mommyship says:

    Pete seems like a fun addition to your family! I’m not sure I would like my husband bringing home a Pete, but then again what great conversation Pete would bring, especially around Halloween!

    We like thrift stores too, and you really can find treasures there. We just found a beautiful carving set in a Mahogany box, never opened! The knives were still sealed in the box. Score!

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