Walnut Whip Wednesday

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I have been watching my mailbox ever since my friend, Mrs. Cobs, told me she was sending me a package, containing walnut whips, all the way from England. I felt like a kid at Christmas every time I went to the mailbox to see if they had come.  Today they arrived!

At noon I saw the mail man come, saw him put items in the box and then turn around on the yard and drive away. I hoofed it out to the mailbox, full of anticipation, and there it was…….a well-wrapped brown package with my name on it.

I give credit to Mrs. Cobs in the wrapping department. If there were a package wrapping Olympics I am quite sure she would win gold, hands down. Her wrapping skills rival those of my youngest son, who is a firm believer in the use (or over use) of strapping tape and duct tape for his Christmas packaging needs.

I must confess I also love strapping tape….maybe it is just the way it makes the package shine when it has been encased in this wonderful stuff.  Or it could be the fun of watching the recipient struggle to open said package and finally have to resort to the use of a scissors, knife, box-cutter, or some other sharp object.

Anyway, I have strayed from the topic.  I hurried back to the house, package in hand….and some other mail that was not near as exciting as my package. Once opened I found, not only, the walnut whips but an absolutely beautiful handmade card as well!  I have another friend who also makes cards.  I call her “the glitter queen”….for obvious reasons.  I believe she may have to share that title with Mrs. Cobs.

I opened the box of walnut whips and then just had to open one of the individually wrapped whips that were inside the box.  It looked just like a little beehive with a walnut on top!  I had planned to take a photo of the walnut whip once I had taken a bite out of it so that you could see and appreciate the wonderful marshmallow crème inside. After that first bite the thought of stopping to take a picture flew right out of my head!

These little bits of deliciousness are really, really good. Marshmallow crème covered in the smoothest of chocolate and topped with a walnut.  I found it to be a great sweet treat to eat while drinking my tea. If there were ever a candy that looked like it had taken the time to primp, a walnut whip would be that candy. It is a fancy bit of goodness with it’s little walnut topper.

Maybe we will have to convince our local grocery stores to stock walnut whips.  I have a feeling this might not be a USA thing and that is really sad. Locally we have a candy distributor that specializes in candy from all over the world.  I may have to try persuade them that these would be a worthy addition to their line of candies.

My husband was amazed that someone I have never met in person; took the time to purchase walnut whips, make a beautiful card and then send it all the way from England!  I am finding that this world holds many, many wonderful people.

I am also finding that blogging has put me in touch with many of these amazing people. I would encourage you to go on over and have a visit with Mrs. Cobs. (⇐click on her name and it should take you right there. You will be glad you did.)

I would be poorer, indeed, if I had never “met” these fellow bloggers! You are all a blessing to me and my prayer is that you are blessed in return.

And to quote Mrs. Cobs, “Love and squidges to you!”

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg
even though he knows that you are slightly cracked

~Bernard Meltzer quotes

43 thoughts on “Walnut Whip Wednesday

  1. Anne Mehrling says:

    How exciting! What a friend, indeed! I hold out hope in the shape of Cadbury eggs. We fell in love with those wonderful Easter confections when we lived in England in the 80s. How thrilling it was to find them on shelves in this country after we moved back! Walnut Whip is quite a name, and I’m glad it lived up to your expectations.

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  2. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    I clicked to visit my blog, then clicked to go to the Reader page. You will never know (thankfully), of the squeal I let out when I saw the photograph! It was the top of the Reader page, so first thing that loaded – like a magic trick!

    I’m SO happy that they finally arrived. I’d begun to think that my joke about the Customs officer reading the label and thinking that it was about time for tea and a treat, had come true. LOL.

    Yes, I know. The packaging tape. [sigh]
    Sorry about it taking you (probably) six hours to get through it.
    I used to tease my mother about her over use of that stuff on parcels she sent to relatives and friends who lived far away. And yet look at me . . . I’VE DARN WELL BECOME MY MOTHER! tsk tsk.

    Now listen Chicken … you’re supposed to share those Walnut Whips with Mr. Chicken, and maybe even some little chicks. Otherwise, if you eat them all yourself, you’ll be blaming me for the hundred pounds you’ve put on! eeeeek! lol

    I’m super duper thrilled they got there. Enjoy, my beautiful friend. And yes … I know you’re cracked … I recognise cracked eggs – because I am one. 🙂

    Love and BIG squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I may have let out the same squeal when I opened the mailbox and saw the package :). I was starting to thing our mailman saw the notation on the package and was having a little treat as he drove his mail route.
      It does seem we eventually turn into parts of our mothers…….I console myself that people really like her and love her.
      I am sharing with Chicken Grandpa. He said he is saving his daily whip for tonite. I cannot wait to see his reaction when he bites into it. He is a sugar-a-holic so the expression ought to be good.
      I figured the quote would make sense to you :). I had sent you an email but I am kind of glad you checked the blogs first!
      Lots of love back at you!

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  3. Ruthie's Crafting Corner says:

    That is so wonderful! I had a glance back at the the beautiful card and then spotted the Walnut whip! It sure looks delicious! I so agree with you, this blogging world has introduced me to some wonderful Souls, friends, so much in common yet they live so far away and It is truly wonderful! 🙂

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  4. In The Autumn Of My Life says:

    Ooh I love this! My own sweet USA bestie got my Yule package this week and hers to me is in the post too so we have a reversal of you and Mrs Cobs lol

    And yes, that pesky customs label can be a real spoiler!

    Right here…and there…is where the real world turns with just a pond between us all and good hearts 🙂

    And with that I bid you goodnight, Faye, on the stroke of my midnight haha

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      It felt just like Christmas today :). There really are so many good people in this world and it has been so fun discovering so many of them in the blogging community!
      Have a good sleep. I think I will head to bed early this evening as I stayed up way to late watching election results!

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  5. marijo1245 says:

    Well, happy Christmas, merry fall, and hooray for friends! What a glitter filled yummy delight!

    Thanks to you, a while back I became a follower of her blog. Makes me wish I were a bit craftier. For now, I will live vicariously through those who use glitter correctly!

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  6. kindergartenknowledge says:

    How fun to receive such a terrific package! I have never, ever heard of walnut whips! Of course, I am totally addicted to chocolate and I rarely mention my alternate addiction to marshmallow crème! There was a package of cookies that I loved when I was a child. They consisted of two vanilla wafers with marshmallow in the middle! I have looked for cookies like that for years. I found some “sort of” similar cookies at a Hispanic grocery store near my school, but they had some coconut added and the cookies were soft instead of crispy! Anyway…the card is just beautiful and I love the fall colors. I am just getting to know Cobs and she seems like a wonderful person…just like you! I have not written a post today…I have to get back in the groove! I also stayed up WAY too late last night watching the election results! Very, very terrific post. I felt like I helped you get the package out of the mailbox!!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      It was so much fun to receive the package all the way from England :). I think I remember a cookie like that and I have not seen it in years.
      My sister informs me that Walnut Whips can be found on Amazon. I had never heard of them either until I read a post by PaperPuff at https://paperfluff.wordpress.com/. She had a post that mentioned them and I commented that I was Walnut Whip illiterate, then Mrs. Cobs popped in and the rest is history LOL. And Yes…..they are amazing! I keep trying to share them with my husband but I think he thinks he should leave them for me.
      I agree on the card….it is gorgeous.
      I also stayed up way to late last night watching the election results. It was kind of addicting. Even my husband stayed up and he is the least political person that I know.
      I am so glad you made the walk to the mailbox with me :).Now if you were just here in person that would be better yet!

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      • kindergartenknowledge says:

        I am following your sister’s directions and going to look on Amazon right away! I told Mike all about the Walnut Whips so it is apparent that we need some! I am still a bit tired from my election night shenanigans…could it be because I also stayed up very late last night? I really get energized about 11:00 at night! And last night, I did not need to watch election returns. I was reading the book titled “Clinton Cash”. Oh dear! I have already had a cousin “de-friend” me on Facebook because I told her that she should not be calling non-Hillary people very tacky names on FB. She was posting something about every five minutes for hours. I finally reached my limit, said nicely what I needed to say, and turned off the computer. She was so very insulting and certainly not the only one who was writing rude posts! I am leaving my Trump bumper sticker on my car…I am not even political. I am waiting to see how long it takes for someone to pull it off my car! Have a good day with your Walnut Whips. I am going to a friend’s antique shop…she has multiple dealers and it is very fun. I will look for Pete or a Pete like something! I wish that I was there in person too! Or vice-versa!


  7. retirizer says:

    Oooh, I think I love squidges! And friends from far away. I had a friend, she’s gone now, but she made her Christmas cards every year. She started in January, planning and plotting. Trying this and changing to that. I take those cards out every year and proudly display them. They are each a piece of art. Beautiful and amazing, as was she. Your card is gorgeous too, definitely a work of art. Love and squidges from Washington State.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I was told a squidge was a hug with an extra squeeze….I am thinking they are really great!
      I am sorry to hear about your friend but I am so glad that you still have those cards to remind you of her. Those sound like great memories.


  8. Ame says:

    i love everything about this! i have met so many friends from all over the US and the world through blogging over the years – many of whom are now facebook friends, too, and some i’ve even met irl. it’s been amazing … and now i’ve ‘met’ you, too! 🙂

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  9. peggyjoan42 says:

    From one cracked egg to another – its a joy to be a fellow blogger friend. That Walnut Whip candy looks so gooood! My Grandmother use to send us a box of sugar coated walnuts from her farm every year, until she passed away. What a delight to receive that box in the mail. Enjoy your wonderful package of goodies.

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