The Winter Season

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The last days have suddenly made the month of December real….weather-wise. We had been having unseasonably warm temperatures (and I was good with that). We are now having cooler than normal temps for this time of year. (Things change quickly!)

Our children had snow where they live so we know winter is on it’s way. My heart and mind are ready for the festive part of this season… mind and body are not ready for the weather that accompanies it.

In protest of the sudden drop into the deep freeze I am posting a couple of my favorite summer photos. They were taken in a city park not far from here. It is one of my favorite places to go and just walk around.  When our sons were small we used to take them there to go fishing.

I digress…..back to the reality that is……cold Iowa weather. There is a small comfort that we are only getting wind…it could be snow with wind this time of year…or worse yet….ice.

My husband had been to a consignment auction the beginning of this week.  That day the weather was not too bad. Today when we went to go pick up his lone purchase the wind was a lazy wind….the kind that blows right through you rather than around you. The consignment auction site is basically an alfalfa field. There are no trees to stop the vicious wind and the corn stubble in the next field is no help at all.

The one consolation with the cold wind was seeing the flocks of geese that finally decided it was time to go south. The last two days have seen large flocks of Canadians, snows and blues flying in big V’s over our place.  This brought to mind one of my dad’s favorite questions regarding geese and one you can ask your kids and grandkids. (I would be surprised if they knew the answer.)

Question: When geese are flying in a V formation why is one line always longer than the other?
Answer:   Because there are more geese in it.
(This joke, years ago, actually got one of my sons out of taking a science test in high school.  The teacher challenged them to ask her a science type question that she couldn’t answer….it worked!)

I think I love the geese flying over because they sometimes go right over our house. When they are flying low you can even hear them honking.  I wonder what they are saying as they hurry by, anxious to get to their destination. Some days the wind seems to be blowing them along and other days I wonder how they manage to make any headway against it.

Some days are like that….going with the wind and others feel like a struggle as things just seem to push you back to where you started. I guess a lesson from the geese could be learned…..keep flying and focusing on where you are going. Some days may take you longer…but you will get there.

Their honking has a lonesome wild sound to it that touches someplace deep inside. I am not sure if that sound hits me because it sounds so wild or if it sounds like a promise. It tells me that the seasons are running according to the order set in place at the beginning of this earth. It speaks of the constancy of certain things in life.

So many things can change and spin around in this world and turn life upside down; but the geese will still fly south when the weather turns wintry and they will return in the spring. They are as constant as grass turning green, wind blowing in Iowa and snow melting in the spring.

I love the promise that comes with the seasons. I love the order God built into this ball called Earth. I do know I appreciate spring and summer a lot more because of going through a cold winter season and maybe that is why we go through those seasons.

I also know that once the geese are done flying for this migration;  I will be scanning the sky when the spring thaw comes and I will be looking for their return. Such is the blessing of hope.


You have established all the boundaries of the earth;
You have made summer and winter.
Psalm 74:17

38 thoughts on “The Winter Season

  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    A few flocks of Canadian Geese have flown over our area this week – here in the Southeast. They are very late this year. Love your joke about Geese. Ha I thought you were actually going to tell us why one side of a formation of Geese was shorter. LOL Sneaky you!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      They fly to South Carolina according to the Simple Village Undertaker. He says they cause lots of problems down there in the cemeteries with pooping (which I have learned stains the bronze and granite memorials) and chasing people. His comments are above.
      I thought it was pretty neat I actually learned something today. I was never totally sure where they migrated to.


  2. Ame says:

    so beautifully written 🙂

    knowing that time is divided into seasons brings hope.

    and i love this:
    “Question: When geese are flying in a V formation why is one line always longer than the other?
    Answer: Because there are more geese in it.
    (This joke, years ago, actually got one of my sons out of taking a science test in high school. The teacher challenged them to ask her a science type question that she couldn’t answer….it worked!)”

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I just could not resist putting the joke in. It is such a family riddle and so fun to share.
      For me knowing that winter only lasts so long is a good thing. It tells me that hard seasons of life only last so long also and then Spring!

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  3. A. Michelle! says:

    Your posts are a joy to read and reading your words still my soul. Thank God so much for your gift with words…uplifting and such a great reminder of how awesome He is. God’s comfort and peace throughout the change of seasons.

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  4. leadership2mommyship says:

    I’ve heard geese honk to encourage one another; it’s that support we all need from time to time. They also alternate leadership positions, one minute the follower, the next minute the leader. They seem fairly flexible in their teamwork approach, willing to let another soar in front as needed–open to the idea that help is always a blessing.

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  5. Deb says:

    Love your Dad’s sense of humor, sounds like my father…I’m going to ask him this one tomorrow!! What a beautiful interpretation of the geese flying south, the changing of the seasons and what it all represents. Yup, some days we are fighting against the wind and others the wind is with us. Necessary to create the appreciation. Stay warm and inspiring!! 🙂

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  6. kindergartenknowledge says:

    I am trying to catch up on reading posts! I have always been fascinated by geese. What intricate plans God put into place for each creature…for each part of the earth. How can people doubt His grand design? I am interested in the consignment sale! Equipment? I have been to those so many times! Our lives are similar in so many ways…except I don’t really know how to can like you do! Plus…you have a huge pantry and envy is not proper!!!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      When we moved here the pantry was one of my stipulations :). We repurposed lumbar for the shelving and whatever leftover paint there was so it really was cost effective.
      I do like going to consignment sales….you just never know what you will find.


  7. Jessica says:

    You share such a comfort in a season so many would rather skip. ❤️ I like winter because it almost makes us slow down. Daylight is short and temps are cold, and kind of like you said, it’s a great time for staying put.


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