Gooseberry Falls State Park, MN

There are days when blogging inspiration is hard to come by.  Today is one of those days. It seems small seeds of ideas pop into my brain and scatter before they have a chance to take root.

I am not sure why this is an issue today. Maybe it is because I was already a day late with my Monday post and my brain just can’t quite reset to the normal blogging schedule. It is hard to get my thoughts back on track.

Much of life can be like that.  You find a perfectly good path to take (at least you think it is a perfectly good path.) and before you know it…..your good path has taken twists and turns that you never expected.

What starts out as an easy hike quickly becomes a test of endurance and perseverance. I find when those paths starting getting a little iffy; it is good to remind myself to stop, breathe and take a look around.

It seems to me, that the hardest paths tend to have some of the most beautiful sites to see along the way. Maybe the flowers just appear to be more beautiful when the way is hard. Maybe it is compensation for life taking a difficult turn. Or maybe it is the promise that no matter how tough it gets there is hope to be found.

In the next few days our thoughts will turn to the past year and all the paths that we have had to travel…..the smooth ones and the rocky ones.Then we wonder what the year ahead will look like. One thing I know for sure – there will be some easy trails. There will also be those paths where the end cannot come soon enough.

Enjoy the easy days to the full….without worrying when the hard ones will show up. Take heart on the difficult days.  Stop and look around. Appreciate the small things…..the smile of a grocery store clerk, the way the sun shines and makes patterns on your living room floor, the smell of the woodstove as it warms your home, the hugs from a loved one…..

There is much beauty to be found if we only look. There is much goodness to be found if we give those around us a chance. There is much joy to be had if we just open our hearts and let it in.

May you be blessed…..wherever your path takes you. And may you be a blessing to those who travel with you.  “The joy is in the journey.” (Glen S.)


Yet, the strength of those who wait with hope in Yahweh will be renewed.
They will soar on wings like eagles.
They will run and won’t become weary.
They will walk and won’t grow tired.

Isaiah 40:31 NOG


28 thoughts on “Journeys

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Faye. I love how your scattered seeds became such an important lesson in looking back and looking ahead. It’s a great outlook to know up front, that things WILL get hard at some points and that even in “hard”, there’s beauty. Beautiful thoughts, as always.

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  2. peggyjoan42 says:

    I can see you put a lot of deep thought into this post. We certainly all need to enjoy the good days and happy times that come our way. December and the approach of another year always makes you look back. Some of those past days were tough and tears will fill your eyes, but life is not constantly perfect. I hope 2017 is a great year for everyone.

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  3. leadership2mommyship says:

    You’re so right about taking a minute to appreciate the store clerk. My daughter and I have conversed with how we should treat people, such as a waiter or waitress. I’m not sure if you recall my daughter’s a gymnast, has been since 6 and she’s 16 now. Surgery last year, recovering still. Anyways we’ve eaten out a bit with other kiddos and when moving to Arizona–sorry folks–I noticed some friends were very curt to the waiting staff. Let’s just say I made sure we had a long talk about that. That lesson was at 9. She often reminds me, and I’ve had others compliment her manners. Of course she’s not always perfect, but she’s a good kid. 😊

    As for the lack of blogging ideas, I feel you pain. The rush of the end of semester makes blogging difficult. My most recent took me three weeks to figure out what I wanted to say, so I just kept it as a draft, and literally stared at the first paragraph often. Like you mentioned, sometimes looking around can help. Thank you!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I have similar drafts waiting. One paragraph and there is sits…..waiting. I am hopeful when the time is right it will grow into something :).
      Congratulations on your daughter. My sons have had jobs as clerks and are always polite to them because they know how that end of it feels.

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  4. kindergartenknowledge says:

    Such a thought-provoking post…those who wait patiently while holding hope in their heart will soar on wings like eagles. While soaring to greater heights…we will not grow weary. To me, it means that hope is to energy as patience is to fulfillment. Blessings to you, my friend!

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  5. kindergartenknowledge says:

    I would have liked to be there to hear that sermon! Does your church change pastors very often? When I was growing up, we were Methodist and we changed pastors fairly often. They would be transferred to another congregation in another town. Mike and I started going to First Presbyterian in Fort Worth after we married…we met the minister and his wife on our honeymoon! A planned coincidence from up above! They were sitting across from us on the airplane! He had been the minister for years and remained until he retired! This is the same church where Kathleen married…the picture of the wedding in the sanctuary was in my post about their second anniversary! Anyway…I am trying to think of a sermon about that verse… I will remember at some point. It is hidden in my mind…sort of like your candy canes!

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      • kindergartenknowledge says:

        Yes, I do love those God coincidences! What are the chances that we would sit directly across from them? What are the chances that we would start a conversation with them? We even saw them while we were there…we were not even staying at the same hotel! They were staying several weeks and we were staying for one week. When we got back, they had already talked to the parish visitor about us! They had asked for our phone number etc so that they could call and invite us to church when they returned. The parish visitor called us the first week that we were back! When the minister and his wife returned, we visited the church one Sunday and joined the church in a very short time! I taught at the Church Day School for 10 years after our children were born…until I became brave enough to teach public school… in low income schools and not so safe neighborhoods…the most rewarding and joyous job imaginable! I most likely would have never started teaching if we had not joined our church! I knew someone on the board who asked me to interview when a teacher resigned right before school started! I had a degree, but I had not taken any education courses (on purpose)! That is another really real God moment!

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