The Lost is Found


Sometimes a snowstorm has a silver lining. Sometimes….though not always.

The past two days, our area has had snow, wind and cold. They tell us that we have anywhere from eight to ten inches of snow on the ground in our area.  I believe them!  I shoveled a trail for the girls today so they could get from their coop, to an open front shed where they love to take dust baths.

For the last couple days the weathermen had been warning us that this system was going to be coming through. Yesterday morning we decided we should believe them and did some prep work in anticipation of the storm.

We filled buckets with corn so I can easily get to them for feeding the chickens. My husband made sure we had adequate wood for the wood stove. We also always fill gallon jugs with water just in case the electric would happen to go out. The pump in our well will not function without electricity.

My husband had things in his pickup he needed for these tasks. While he was digging behind the pickup seat he started to laugh and shake his head. I asked what he was laughing about and in response he reached behind the seat and pulled out a box…..the missing candy canes!!!!

For those of you who have been reading my blog you may remember the post I did on the Missing Candy Canes.   In that post I told you I was very sure we would find those candy canes at some odd random moment. Yesterday was that odd random moment.

Perhaps I should try pawn this one off to brilliant planning. That somehow we just knew they should stay back there till there was a snowstorm. You know……just in case we were stranded in the middle of nowhere and we needed to have emergency rations? Maybe we should just shove them back behind the seat…..just in case.

I am afraid if we chose that plan we would probably never find them again. ( Kind of like lightening striking twice in the same place.) I think perhaps we should just eat them and enjoy them before they become really old. Is there an expiration date on candy canes?

I am just happy we found them.  I was beginning to doubt I had ever purchased them. I was also starting to think they had maybe not made it into our grocery bag? My faith in our minds has been restored. (Big sigh of relief!)

What have you been searching for?  What have you put in such a safe place that you cannot find it? Does it make you  little bonkers wondering about that item? I have a feeling I am not alone in this. At least I hope I am not alone in that… is always more comforting to have company with stuff like that.


“The only thing faster than the speed of thought is the speed of forgetfulness.
Good thing we have other people to help us remember.”
Vera Nazarian,
The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

59 thoughts on “The Lost is Found

  1. Jocelyn says:

    There’s a book that I bought my son for his birthday in December – it was actually for my in laws to give him. When it came time to wrap it and give it to him, it was nowhere to be found! I found another book they could give him instead, but the thing still hasn’t shown up! I thought for sure it would show up when I wrapped Christmas presents, but to no avail. Still waiting for that random moment!

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  2. susieshy45 says:

    I lost my cross and a minnu( a small gold jewellery item, we wear to show we are married) both together. The necklace they were hanging on remained on my neck, safe and sound, with the hook closed but these two items are lost- now 6 months. Each day I pray about them and I am sure I am going to find them but not sure where.

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  3. PaperPuff says:

    You should definitely eat them before they get to that stage where the wrapping has started to become part of the candy cane because they have spent so long together and when you try to pull them apart a bit of the wrap sticks to the candy and a bit of the candy sticks to the wrap. Allegedly.

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  4. Dangerspouse says:

    LOL!! We’ve all been there 🙂

    I agree with PaperPuff. They can degrade to the point where they’re yukky and just not usable (or so a, uh, friend told me). If you don’t want to eat them out of hand, send them to me! Er, I mean, use them in recipes. Just crushing them up and using them as a topping for things like brownies, cupcakes, whipped cream on hot cocoa, etc., is a lot of fun, and tastes delicious. Enjoy!

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  5. Anne Mehrling says:

    My most recent find was a stack of cookbooks that disappeared in our move two and a half years ago. We were sure we had gone through all the boxes, and still those books were missing. John moved boxes in a closet to make room for our grandson’s things, and he came across a box labeled miscellaneous. At the top was a tray of kitchen utensils. When he handed me that, we both began to wonder what was below. There at the very bottom were my precious books, favorites that I had wished for. If only I had added “kitchen” to that label, I would have had them as soon as we moved in.

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  6. peggyjoan42 says:

    I knew you would eventually find those candy canes – but not behind the truck seat. Ha As for candy canes, I think they are ok to eat for years after you buy them. I have eaten many very old candy canes. I misplace things all the time – that is normal.

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  7. Deb says:

    YAY!! Have you taken your tree down yet, is it too late to hang them on the tree??? 😉
    Well use them in the hot chocolate you’ll make to stay warm through this storm and cold weather you are having!! Is it ever too cold for the girls, is where they stay heated or do they not mind cold weather, I’ve often wondered that. So happy you got your peace of mind back and the candy canes! 🙂

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      That made me grin…..big! We actually just took the tree down that week. I am thinking the hot chocolate idea sounds really good.
      The girls do not have a heated chicken coop. When it gets to be zero or lower I plug in a heat lamp over their roost. They are pretty tough. I read somewhere that when they fluff up they increase their “R-value”. I guess that makes sense when you think about all the birds that stay around here for the winter.


  8. kindergartenknowledge says:

    How many candy canes are left? With the snow that it sounds like you are having…I would have eaten at least four today. I have been worried about those candy canes.Well…maybe not worried, but sort of concerned! I think that I told you that I totally blame the checker at Walmart for most of my most recent lost items. Now I know to blame Mike’s truck. I am going to look behind the seat tomorrow morning. That is probably where the missing small can of chopped green chilies is located. Thank you for telling me about this hiding in the truck problem!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      LOL!!! We still aren’t sure if we took them out of the bag ourselves or if they just fell out when we shoved the bag behind the seat or what happened. We have eaten three so far. I think my next one will be in a cup of hot chocolate.
      Yes you may want to check Mike’s truck. They can be notorious for “eating” groceries. They rank right up there with dryers eating socks.


  9. goldenbrodie says:

    I am always searching for something…can be frustrating…but always nice to find whatever it was or is. Enjoy those candy canes this winter! Make some hot chocolate and use them as site sticks. Wish we had some snow..none in sight her in VA 😦
    Loved your post as always.

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  10. Linda K says:

    I am looking the book “My Utmost for My Highest” If I don’t find it cleaning out my storeroom I have no clue. I already cleaned the rest of the house this winter.

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  11. Andrea says:

    There’s a lady at the nursing home who has a holiday tree. Valentines Tree has hearts with 2 candy canes to reuse the leftovers. All kinds of ideas I’m sure! Enjoying the blog, thanks

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