Rainy Days…..

Thank You Card.JPG

The last couple days we have been enjoying some really nice weather that gave us a taste for summer…..at least it gave me a taste for those warm summer days.  This morning our territory was once again sent back to a rainy, gray day. I have to admit it really wasn’t so bad once my husband got the woodstove going…….in fact it was downright cozy sitting in my living room today.

It seemed like the perfect type of day to do a little more card making. I think I was rather inspired by the day I spent card making with my sister last week. This time around I only made one type.

After sorting through my stash of stuff I discovered a bag of cards and envelopes I had purchased at a second hand store. One grouping of ten looked promising to be re-purposed into Thank You cards.  The only thing I needed to cover was a small square on the front that originally had featured a pair of wine glasses .

I made some small blue squares for that space and stamped the Thank You stamp from the set, Lotus Blossom.  I then used Stampin Up sets; Gorgeous Grunge, Four Feathers, and the Feather Framelits Die Set to cut the feathers out. I used a brad to attach them to the card stock……and I was good to go.

I was pretty pleased how they turned out……especially using repurposed note cards.  Now I need to spend some time writing in them. I have people I need to thank for the graciousness I have been shown in the last couple weeks. My husband and I are amazed at the visits, food, and well wishes sent our way since my surgery.

All those actions have filled my heart.  It seemed fitting to make these cards on a rainy day that is sustaining the earth with moisture.  Just as the rain waters the ground….. so many of you have watered my soul with your caring and love.

Life truly is about relationship and I have witnessed true relationship so often these last weeks while I have been recuperating and it is beautiful.  I am so grateful for all of you.   You truly set the standard for caring. It has challenged me to pass that caring on to the next person in need of it. You have paved the way and have been an inspiration……I am blessed and I thank you.

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you…”
John 15:12

Read more: http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/bible-verse-about-helping-others-21-top-scriptures/#ixzz4cll6o200

37 thoughts on “Rainy Days…..

  1. peggyjoan42 says:

    It is always nice to be pampered and loved when you are recuperating. Continue to feel better each day Faye. Love the card – you did an excellent job creating this master piece. Wish a Sunny day for you soon. 🙂

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  2. Anne Mehrling says:

    You are a dying breed, one who writes a thank you note, especially one you made yourself.. Recipients will be pleased. I wish the last three wedding gifts we sent had been acknowledged, only because I’d like to know they had been received.

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  3. carentaylor says:

    My specs are on!! Faye, your cards are beautiful and I’m sure will be wondrously received too Such a way to recuperate, a heart warming cosy fire and doing a little crafting – rainy days can be a gift in disguise 😉 have a lovely weekend!

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  4. susieshy45 says:

    Dear Faye,
    My heart was set at rest with your post on making cards again. I am glad you got to do them again. I am thankful that so many people rallied around to be for you during your time in bed.
    As Anne said, you have been mighty kind to many people at different times and it is coming back to you, full measure.
    i wish we could see some rainy weather here but I am thankful that you have them, so you can rest still and not move around any more than you need.
    God bless you,

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  5. Regina, Catchy Sketch says:

    Sorry to hear about your surgery! I’ve missed a lot of posts. Hope you’re feeling better!
    This card is very beautiful! Nice colors and layout!

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  6. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    I’m thrilled to ‘feel’ you getting brighter in spirits, and not quite so uncomfortable. This is such a joy to my heart and wonderful to feel.

    The card is INCREDIBLE!. I’m very much a feather collecter (white feathers), and so am drawn to cards with feathers on them. I love the whole style of this card. It’s so perfect. GREAT make, my fabulous Chicken.
    Love in buckets ~ Cobs. x

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  7. kindergartenknowledge says:

    The card is so pretty…you are very talented! I read this post when we were in Branson, but I could not get my comments to work and my computer was working fine for the prior 10 minutes or so. Probably something I did! It is a laptop, but I use my regular computer at home. The laptop at school gave me trouble continuously…so it is definitely me! I became so disturbed about not being able to comment…and then I could not get it to scroll…that I put it back in the case and left it alone! I used my tablet to read WordPress in the car, but I could not type correctly with the car moving! I mean I hit about 2 out of 10 letters correctly!! Anyway…you had a very productive day making cards…and fun too!

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