Frosting on the Trees


Frosting on the Trees


We woke up to a very quiet, white world this morning. My husband’s first comment was, ” I thought the weatherman said we were going to get a dusting of snow during the night.” And we did!  It just dusted us under a little more than we anticipated.

It did make for a beautiful sight. The sun shone brightly for the morning and it was actually not too bad for temperature. I went back for the camera because I am not to sure how many more beautiful snowfalls we have left in this season. (I hope not to many! But I was going to enjoy this one.) For some reason a new snowfall seems to bring a silence to the land that holds a strange beauty. It turns the commonplace into something more than it is. It is rather like grace.


I loved the feeling of being the first one to walk through the snow. I did hesitate just a bit to put those first tracks in the pristine whiteness. As I walked, the snow just glittered and sparkled like someone had tossed a dusting of glitter everywhere. I am constantly amazed at God’s attention to the smallest detail when it comes to things that are beautiful and delightful.  I carefully placed my boots so I would not disturb the smooth snow any more than I had to.

It would have been fun to have the grandkids here. This was the perfect snow for packing, fort-making and snowman construction.  Perhaps I should have just gone ahead and made them anyway? I did not as I was enjoying the beauty of undisturbed snow to much……That is my story and I am sticking with that one!


The Gully ~ a Study in Silent Beauty


I knew that by the end of the day our landscape would, once again, look very different from this morning. I knew the mud would be back as the sun melted this snow. I knew there wasn’t long to enjoy this snow… I took the time to enjoy it.

So much of life is like that. The “good” things, the wonder and amazement are only here for a short time; just like this snowfall……here this morning and some of it gone by evening. It is a good reminder to stop and take time to just look around and enjoy the gift that is given.

I hope your day held a bit of wonder, a bit of magic and something that made you stop and appreciate the beauty around you.

Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.
Andy Goldsworthy

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Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special quality.
– Andy Goldsworthy