Wonderful Weekends and Road Trips

IMG_3387 Silhouette.JPG

Some days just start off with odd things happening. This morning I made some delicious fruit smoothies for my husband and me to have for breakfast. It was early morning and beautiful weather out, so we sat on the porch to enjoy them.

As we sat there, enjoying the quiet of the morning, I saw something drop just as a bird flew past. When I looked in my cup there was a whitish streak inside my cup! That bird had made a deposit in my smoothie! It did make me wonder what the rest of the day would turn out to be. Fortunately, it did not turn out like it started.

The day did turn out hot and muggy; and I commented to my husband that I was grateful that last weekend had been cooler. Last weekend we had the joy of taking a road trip to see our grandson graduate from pre-school.

IMG_3470 A Taste of Frosting

“If Only I Could Stick My Finger in This Frosting!”

We decided to take the scenic route on our way south for our visit. I figured I would just share. with you, a few of the sights that we saw on our way.

We found a hard surface road that twined through the country side and had some beautiful scenery…..we did choose it because the map had all the little dots telling us that it was a scenic route. The map did not lie…..it was beautiful.

This little town was a perfect spot to get out and stretch our legs. It was also a wonderful place to just drink in the view and listen to the water that rushed over the rocks. It will be fun to trace this road trip on the map later on and remember all these little back roads.


We arrived at our destination….the graduation….with time to spare. It was so much fun to spend time with the kids and grandkids. We had such a good time going to the Des Moines Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.

The Grandkids!

A Bridge in Des Moines

When I think back to last weekend the thing that really stands out is the joy on the faces of our grandkids. They were so excited because they got to have both sets of grandparents at their house at the same time!

Wandering through the farmers market with them, finding the balloon man and eating some popcorn…..okay…….a lot of popcorn….made for some great memories.  I hope they remember that time with as much joy as their grandparents do.

The road trips was great, the scenery was wonderful….but the kids and grandkids…..now there is a treasure without compare!

The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing
 Unknown quotes 

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30 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekends and Road Trips

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Dear Faye,
    What wonderful memories and times.
    The children look happy as can be.
    The cake is lovely- did you make it yourself ?
    The river- mighty and flowing – it looked like it was happy too.
    Did you make another smoothie ?
    It must have been windy that day .

    Liked by 1 person

    • thechickengrandma says:

      Hello Susie,
      It was wonderful! And the kids were so happy. I did not make the cake this time but it was so delicious!
      I didn’t make another smoothie either as I was running out of time. I will have to make one tomorrow and eat it indoors!

      Liked by 1 person

      • thechickengrandma says:

        I put 1/2 banana, 2 strawberries, about 5 blueberries, (all frozen), 1/2 tangerine,3 ounces plain yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon dried spinach, chia seeds, 2 ounces ninxgia red (from Young Living), and 1/2 teaspoon raw honey in mine. They do pretty good for keeping the hunger away.
        It kind of looks like a mauve colored shake when I have it all blended. The frozen fruit and chia seeds thicken it up.


  2. kindergartenknowledge says:

    The picture of you and Lar with your grandchildren is so special and I love the balloons! We like to take the back roads to Austin and the Hill Country…so pretty and lots of fun places to stop! Actually, I liked all of the pictures…I would like to know the story behind the red barn-like building in the little town!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thechickengrandma says:

      My husband spotted the little building in that town. We wondered also what the story was behind that. We didn’t see anyone nearby to ask so we will probably never know.
      If you get to Des Moines you have to go to the Farmer’s Market….it is the 2nd largest one in the states I am told. They have everything from fresh produce to hand made items to street musicians. It is a wonderful place to go and so many things you didn’t know you needed till you see them!


    • thechickengrandma says:

      It does sound interesting doesn’t it? They just finished that bridge this year.
      I was just glad I saw the white streak in my cup before I took another mouthful of it! I will never forget the time, as kids, when my dad wanted to get a picture of us in our Sunday best. We stood under a tree and a bird pooped on my sister’s head. It was so funny because she just freaked out and took off running…….good memories (for me anyway!)

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  3. atimetoshare.me says:

    Our road trip the past couple weeks was much the same. When we arrived at my daughter’s home in S. Carolina, we were greeted with genuine smiles of delight. This made the trip for us. It had been over a year since my husband has seen them. It’s tough when they live so far away, but maybe that increases the joy when you do finally get there.

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  4. bcparkison says:

    The grands really do make life so much more fun . We are finishing up ballgames today..if the rain holds. Running water is one of my favorite things …streams and creeks….would love to have one in the back yard. A waterfall would be heaven on earth.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Margy says:

    Fun photos! I once had a bird leave a deposit right in my wine glass! Very noticeable in red wine!

    We attended my grandson’s Grade 12 graduation this past week-end. Hard to believe the little boy who used to follow me around the yard saying, “ook Gamma!” is so grown up.

    Liked by 1 person

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