Baby Celebrations

IMG_4031 Opening Gifts

Sometimes things in life do not go quite as planned. We had this experience this past Sunday. We had planned for a beautiful sunny day to hold a Baby Celebration for my son and daughter-in-law and our soon to come grandson. What we got was a day that started out drizzly.

We had planned to set up tables and chairs outside and have everything ready to go by 11:00, so we could get started on the grilling of burgers and hot dogs. Β What we got was drizzling till about 10:45, waiting till 11:00 to make sure it really was done dripping all over, and then scrambling to get things set up outdoors so we would be ready for the guests. We had planned to have this be a casual event; and it was a casual event so that went according to plan!

Lots of prayers were sent up, on my part, for there to be a couple hour break in the drippiness. Β (I struggled with that prayer as we really need the rain in this area.) We did get a break and it was long enough to fit in everything we needed to.

The day, while not warm and sunny, was a wonderful day of celebration. Lots of laughter, joking, playing games (Corn Hole and Badminton) and opening gifts. It was a wonderful day to celebrate life, family, friends, and the celebration of a new life on the way.


There was plenty of food for everyone….(though the frozen fruit cup was a little bit chilly for the day). Grilled burgers and hot dogs, salads and a S’more table, more than made up for the slightly damp atmosphere.


We decided that we would still have our homemade root beer and floats. (It was National Root Beer Float Day on Sunday so we needed those floats!) They were great with the S’mores and no one seemed to mind having a chilly dessert.


I had bought the duck a few years back at a garage sale. At the time I purchased it I thought it was a floaty for a pool. I found out later it was a blow up baby bathtub! I am really glad I found a great use for it at the party. It made a great root beer and water bottle holder. (I must thank the mom-to-be for taking pictures of the set up…..I had totally forgotten!)

There was lots of mingling and catching up with family and friends during the afternoon. It was a time to retell old family stories and make new ones. I may be the mom of sons…but I am blessed by the women they have brought into our family! They were the drive behind the planning, food and decorations.

We did have a really good laugh when my daughter-in-law shared that my grandson had been quizzing them on their way here about what happens at a baby shower. He was firmly convinced that this was the day the baby would arrive and we were all going to be together to witness the birth and have a huge celebration! He wanted to know all the whens, whys, and whats on how that was going to happen. I am not sure what they actually told him…but it still makes me grin.

In the end….the day was perfect in it’s weather imperfection. It was a celebration that did not hinge on circumstances like foggy damp rain. It did not hinge on “if everything went according to plan”. In the end…the day did go as planned….people had fun, we celebrated and we enjoyed being together.

It was a day that celebrated family, life, new beginnings and love. Β It was a day that celebrated blessings and what they really are. When it all comes down to it I guess that is what really matters…..and it was good.


The best times are always found
when friends and family gather round.

If you so choose,
even the unexpected setbacks can bring new and positive possibilities.
If you so choose,
you can find value and fulfillment in every circumstance.
Ralph Marston

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29 thoughts on “Baby Celebrations

    • thechickengrandma says:

      We woke up to drizzle and it finally let up mid morning. By the time everyone left late afternoon it had started to drizzle again. God was so good giving us those hours in between to have our celebration outside! I should have posted a photo of my in-laws on the porch with blankets around them LOL. No one took any jackets so we hauled out jackets and blankets. It really was a great day!

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  1. susieshy45 says:

    Things don’t go always according to plan- our plan. They turn out better than our plan.:)
    I am glad you all had a great celebration and there was fun and laughter and catching up and lots of love.
    I love the Grandson’s question and his thoughts on what a baby shower would be. Maybe he thought a baby would come down a water slide into a shower with everyone clapping and cheering.
    Yesterday I got a note from the university I was applying to, saying they had reviewed my application and didn’t find me suitable. A tad disappointed as things didn’t go as per plan but then I am a child of God, aren’t I ? So I said thank you God and I said I am glad I got this “no” because I know that I am still in God’s hands and that he is still working for me and that he will still be looking out for me. For if he had said yes, I might have said thank you God and forgotten about it. This way, I have more time in our Lord’s hands and he has a better plan for me, which he will reveal when the time is right. Just like the 9 month in the tummy waiting period for a little baby. Perhaps the baby wants out but he needs to be there the 9 months to grow and get attached to his mother and realise that his mother will protect him for the 9 months he got inside her and even outside. Waiting means more praying and more contact with God and more love in his hands and care, while we grown in faith and trust and hope for better days and times.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      LOLOLOL Susie! I laughed about the water slide idea…..that is probably exactly what a 6 year old boy would think!
      I have a feeling the Lord has something way better planned for you. It is hard sometimes to wait till He decided to reveal His plan but I guess that is where faith comes in. I will be praying for blessings for you during that waiting period!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Thank you Al. I had lots of help from my daughter-in – law ans my son’s girlfriend! They were the main force behind this event!
      I laughed about the blanket….I got that in a box of stuff at an auction. For a dollar I got blankets, denim rugs, a tote full of dolls and an old wooden shipping crate that held women’s pumps. It was a great bargain!


  2. Deb says:

    I love the S’more sign!!! And the Duck Cooler was very clever too. I’m glad that the drizzle held off long enough so that you could enjoy the party outdoors, but something tells me even if the drizzle continued you would have had a wonderful family time!! Wishing you and your family health and blessings for the new little one soon to arrive!! πŸ™‚


  3. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    A fabulous time was had by all… you can see on the faces of the people in the photographs.

    Sounds like an incredible day, and thrilled for you that the rain stopped and the weather allowed all to have a shower of a different kind.

    Great read, Chicken.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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  4. Margy says:

    It is interesting how events like this are different from family to family, place to place. Most of the baby showers I’ve ever been to were a gathering of women only. It seems much nicer, and inclusive, to gather whole families together!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      This is the first couples baby shower I had ever been too also. My daughter-in-law requested it and we thought it was a great idea. She said this way the cousins could all see each other. My husband was concerned that we were going to have “lady food” (veggies and dip, pinwheels, open face sandwiches etc. ) LOL. We decided to grill and also have lawn games as the guys were coming to this one. It really is a lot of fun with the perspective of the guys.


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