Turning the Corner

IMG_4118 Swallows

Swallows in the Mist

There are so many signs that our seasons, here in the Midwest, may be turning the corner from summer to fall. The weather has been rainy and drippy.  We have also been noticing the bird population is changing.

The hawks seem to be plentiful and braver in the fall…or maybe they are trying to prepare for the coming winter when hunting seems to become scarce. We had a bird hawk decide our bird bath was a great opportunity to get a  drink and clean up a bit.

He stayed until he noticed us peering at him through the window. It was hard to stand still and yet get a picture, while he was watching us watch him!

I am not really so happy to see the hawk on our bird bath. I have seen one like him pluck a robin right off the ground as the robin was searching for worms! I like the songbirds we have around here and they are definitely not safe when there are hawks around.

For a couple weeks now, we have not seen the robins. The Orioles no longer inhabit the grove and sing in the trees.  The cliff swallows have arrived in a large group while on their way  through, to wherever it is they migrate to for the winter. We have had large flocks of blackbirds rest in our trees on their way to their destination.

In the misty mornings, the swallows fill the electric wires behind the house. They are quiet while they sit there waiting for the sun to burn off the fog. The entire world is hushed and still in the fog and the birds seem to sense this and not want to be the first to break the silence.

I love the misty mornings. The world is small and focus is narrowed to what is essential. The quiet morning lends itself to good conversation while sitting on the porch drinking that first coffee/tea of the day. It also lends itself to just sitting there quietly listening to the dew drip from the trees and the eaves of the house.

I really wonder how many of the world’s problems could be solved if more people would sit with cup in hand, on their porch and talk things out.  Or maybe if they just sat silently enjoying what God had set before them? I have a feeling it would be a much more peaceful place.

The quietness of the fog seems to take the harsh edges off the coming day. It seems to wrap us in a blanket of peace and blessing.

May you have time in your busy week to sit and enjoy the silence of the morning and may you be blessed by the little things in life……..like a quiet foggy morning.


“When you arise in the morning,
think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive
– to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.
 Marcus Aurelius quotes 

 “a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak”
Ecclesiastes 3:7

37 thoughts on “Turning the Corner

  1. Anne Mehrling says:

    It is nearly always foggy when we get up. Lately the sun has burned off the fog while we are walking. There may be patches of mist rising from the mountain behind the house as we eat breakfast on the porch. It is a lovely time of day, one that we try not to rush. Like you, I think the world would be a much better place if more people had a chance to chat over a cup of coffee or tea. I loved the way you wrote about it.

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  2. rabbitpatchdiary.com says:

    Oh what a pleasure to read this-maybe another favorite for me. I agree and have often thought, that if world leaders, even, gathered at such times, couldn’t they all want peace. Wouldn’t they want to protect the earth? I think such conditions, as you beautifully described them, could make a difference.. An office in a mansion is not the right place.to humble yourself. Well the post was just lovely. love Michele

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  3. bcparkison says:

    I hat to say this ,but…The OLDER I get the more I relish the peace and quite of early morning….well any time really. My parents both sleep late and I keep telling them they miss the best part of the day.
    More enjoyable pictures

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  4. Al says:

    Gorgeous take on the beauty of a misty morn. You have wonderful “farm” scenery.

    I also am wary of hawks. We have a nice big backyard where the dogs love to romp and roam. However, when they were just puppies I never let them out without staying close to them. At that point they were small enough to entice a hawk for a meal! Now it’s the other way around….ha ha.

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  5. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    Mornings are …. magical. Even more so when the fog or mist is around, for it brings a sense of something more. Something tingly. It makes the hairs all over my body stand on end and I get a sort of shivery feeling like fairy dust has just been sprinkled over my head.

    I got the very same feeling looking at your photos Chicken.
    Absolutely beautiful pictures. Very well done in capturing the beauty of the morning.
    Thank you so much for sharing them.
    May you have a blessed rest of your day ~ Cobs. xxx

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      If it is foggy tomorrow morning while I am sitting outside having my first morning cup of tea….I will think of being sprinkled by fairy dust! Thank you Cobs for that wonderful word picture….it is perfect. Even the grass seemed more than just grass in the lawn. Each blade had a drop of dew on the tip of it and it looked like they had all been crowned with a diamond.

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  6. susieshy45 says:

    I wish the fall and misty mornings were upon us too. We need the quiet and the peace to think our thoughts out instead of the resounding noise of the air conditioner every day. Fall days would slow us down and allow us to take time to smell the roses.
    Love your thoughts and descriptions.

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  7. ladyfibrowarrior says:

    Beautiful. I love this. I’m sure your right about if more people would sit cup in hand watching the morning. Slow down a bit and enjoy the moment. The day. Try to see beauty in everything . I don’t know but I just loved this. And your pictures are so beautiful. This post really just calmed my soul. Thank you for sharing.

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