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I had a dilemma a few weeks ago. I had gone out to my garden to check on the progress of my tomatoes, green beans, scraggly peas and other produce.  As I was bent over picking beans, I saw a blob of dead grass underneath my plants. I started pulling it away and then discovered fur. I kind of knew what I would find when I kept carefully digging into that hole, in the dirt. I was right…..baby bunnies.

We do have a chicken wire fence around three sides of that particular area of the garden. I am not really sure how a mom rabbit managed to find a hole in the non-chicken wire portion on the last side of the garden….but, evidently, she had.

When I told my husband of my find, he asked what I had done with the bunnies.  I told him, that I had covered them back up. He really laughed at that as he knows I truly hate rabbits in my garden. He knows I rant and get really critical when I see a rabbit near my garden. He also knows I threaten to get the gun (pretty sure the rabbits would be safe even if I did!) and take care of the rabbit “problem”.

I found I just could not get rid of those baby bunnies. I can only hope they are as gracious to my garden as I am to them! I think I am going to have to keep picking my produce in a timely manner. I am going to have to beat those bunnies to the beans. I am finding, though, that they are not really much of a problem…..yet.

Admittedly, they are much too cute at this stage to get rid of. I recommended to my husband that next garden season we take care of the problem much sooner in the season. He has decided to make more chicken wire panels that should make it impossible to get through……I hope!

I have since discovered that those pesky bunnies are leaving my beans alone….much to my relief. They have instead found the flower pots on my porch!  I really didn’t think rabbits would enjoy geraniums…..but it seems they do.

IMG_4148 Geraniums as Rabbit Food

My plants are slowly being defoliated. They don’t eat the leaves but they seem to really enjoy the stems. My husband is slightly amazed at their liking of geraniums as he thinks they are some of the stinkiest flowers around.

Sometimes life is just like that isn’t it? You worry about one thing (my beans and bunnies) only to find it wasn’t a problem at all. Then you turn around and the real problem is something you never thought of! I never anticipated my geraniums turning into rabbit food.

Fortunately, being trimmed down will not hurt the plant. It may even be beneficial in the long run and make it bushier than before. I am going to have to remember that lesson when I feel like I am being pruned. You know…those times when stuff happens and is really hard to get through?

For now I guess I will have to sit and enjoy the cute factor of those bunnies. I will have to shut my eyes to the pruning and hope my plants get bushier than before. It can always be worse….they could be eating all my green beans!

May your weekend be filled with  hope and may you see beyond the pruning.

Pruning is a necessary part of life.
In order to move forward.
You must let go.




30 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    Aww, I’m so glad that you decided to share your garden with those bunnies.
    A friend from way back had (still has I think) a small holding, and she too has a veg garden. The way she beat the bunnies at their game was to dig a 2feet deep trench all around the veg garden and sink some chicken wire into the trench. The chicken wire was curved outwards (so the curved side wasn’t on the veg garden side, but on the other side), and then the chicken wire extended above the ground and the trench filled in, and the sticking up piece of wire was then tied into the wire fencing around the garden.

    Apparently, friend told me, when the bunnies would dig to try and get into her garden, they would always meet the curved out chicken wire, so couldn’t ever find a spot to actually get in or dig a tunnel. Win!

    I’m so glad Mommy bunny chose you to share her babies with. I know they might be a bit of a pain, but … we all have to live, and being with you somehow makes it nice.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      My husband made me these wonderful 10 foot panels last year…..but not enough of them. Hopefully next year! Good thing he loves green beans as much as the rabbits do.
      Yes…I could not eliminate those bunnies…they were just too stinking cute. They kind of looked up at me and had those nifty little bunny ears…sigh……

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  2. Anne Mehrling says:

    What a problem! We have rabbits running all over our neighborhood, but I’m not sure they have stolen anything of ours. I don’t know who to blame for the disappearance of the Sweet William. The birds may have eaten the seeds, or some animal might have taken out the seedlings. I hope you and the bunnies can continue to share your garden peacefully.

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  3. rabbitpatchdiary.com says:

    This is just too funny-never heard of rabbits LIVING in a garden! Ha! You may as well buy rabbit food at this point! ha! again. I love that tender heart of yours-and you are so right about problems-I have worried about things that never happened-the things that did happen, I never saw coming!

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  4. samanthamurdochblog says:

    That’s one thing actually that we don’t see..rabbits. Perhaps because we have more foxes, or the wrong type of soil – heavy clay, no good for digging burrows…🐰🐰🐰

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