Anniversaries, Sheetrock & Love



Today my husband and I celebrated 37 years of marriage. It really doesn’t seem like we got married that many years ago but the calendar assures me it is true.

We have had many well wishes by way of cards and by way of social media. The question kept coming up as to how we celebrated that many years. I was a little hard pressed to answer that one as we didn’t really do anything special… the world would see special.

Instead of going out, having a fancy meal, seeing a movie or doing the recommended popular anniversary stuff we spent our day on home renovations. For a long time we have had a couple closets that were never finished.

For some reason or another those closets just never made it to the top of the list of to do projects….until today. The drywall for the closet has been hanging out in our garage for quite some time. Today was the day it made it out of there and into our closet.

Putting up sheetrock in a closet might not be the “normal” way to spend one’s anniversary but for me it spoke love. My husband really does not love home renovation projects.  He knows they are necessary, but it is not something that is high on his list of things he likes to do. (I am not sure if it is even anywhere near that list of things!)

We are not quite done, as there is still mudding and taping to do (not my favorite things!). Then will be the priming, painting, and building of shelving. I cannot wait to organize things in that closet when it is done.


It was a good way to pass the time today. It was too wet for my husband to be in the field harvesting soybeans. It also kept our mind off wanting to get in the car and head 4 hours away to our son and daughter-in-law.

We found out this morning that we had received a very special anniversary gift…. a brand new grandson! The little guy arrived at 4:27 this morning and weighed 8 pound and 3 ounces. We are so blessed.

There are no pictures yet, as that will have to wait till I can post one with me holding him! I cannot wait to get that bundle of joy in my arms and to hug the new mom and dad. There was something so cool about the fact that life has come full circle around here. From a wedding day 37 years ago to a new grandson today.

Life is so full of the small joys of closets being finished to the big things of new grandchildren. Everyone of those joys is a blessing. It is a blessing to be loved enough that my husband drywalls a closet because he knows I would like it finished. It is a blessing to anticipate the joy of holding that new grandbaby.

May this week find you seeing the blessings in the big things of life and the small things of this life. May joy surprise you in unexpected ways. May you enjoy the “fullness” of life.

“… it’s a blessed thing to love and feel loved in return.” 
― E.A. BucchianeriBrushstrokes of a Gadfly

“Blessings sometimes show up in unrecognizable disguises. ” 
― Janette Oke



47 thoughts on “Anniversaries, Sheetrock & Love

  1. Ray V. says:

    Congratulations on both. If I wasn’t so far away, I’d offer to do the finish work on the drywall. It is a skill I learned years ago and once people find out, I’m always in demand for small jobs. Also, my wife acknowledges putting up with me for 31 years tomorrow.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Congratulations in advance to you and your wife Ray! I wish you lived closer too lol! Finish work on drywall is not a skill that I excel at. I am just glad this time it is in a closet where it won’t be so noticeable. If I store enough stuff in that closet no one will see that it is not perfect.

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  2. kindergartenknowledge says:

    Double congratulations to you and Lar! What a wonderful blessing for your grandson to be born on your anniversary! I can’t wait to see pictures…and I can’t wait to post our grandson pictures in December! Whatever pose you choose for your grandmother and baby picture…I will have one made in a similar pose of our little grandson and me! OK…I will probably let Mike be in the picture!

    I have no idea how to drywall! I am so un-handy! I would like some shelves in our entry hall closet…I think that it is supposed to be for coats in the winter! In Texas? I think not! When our daughter was in choir…we kept her choir outfits in that closet. Actually, I think her Cowgirl outfit and her blue formal are still there! Proof positive that I refuse to look in closets that need help!

    Congratulations again! We celebrated 41 years in August! Can’t really believe it!!!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Thank you so much Patricia!! It is a wonderful gift and he is so adorable…..not biased at all lol.
      I have to get someone to take a picture of the grandson and me. When I do I will post.
      Drywalling and finishing it is not my strong suit either….but it will get done.
      Time goes so fast! congrats on your 41 years!


  3. A. Michelle! says:

    Okay, I cheated. I had to read about your blessings! I will read one story and then I am back at it. I am happy for you both and your renovating (in progress of growth) home. Oh my he is a big boy. I love babies, grandbabies! They symbolize the good stuff…to continue. My grandbaby still amazes me. I have not gotten use to her yet…its like I am in complete awe…she looks like me and it blows my mind.

    Congratulations on all your joys. May they multiply!

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  4. susieshy45 says:

    Double congratulations Faye. I love the way you spent your anniversary doing things you both love and spending time doing things together.
    I had an anniversary last week and yesterday my husband sent me a couple of photos of ours where he captioned them” My best friend’. For someone who can’t express his love openly, this is a first great attempt.
    It is the simple things that bring out the love of our partners. Blessings on the little one.

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  5. says:

    First how beautiful to be married 37 years. What a testament. I love knowing you all have this. The comfort of one another, the understanding that happens in all those years . . I want to cry-and I am crying about the new grandson!!! so beautiful a gift!!! God speed for many more blessed years!!!

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  6. Margy says:

    My husband gave me a shovel one year for our Anniversary, which just goes to show that normal is a relative term when it comes to celebrating those occasions.
    We are about half way through the reno of our bedroom and bathroom. So far we are under budget but way past when we thought we would be finished!

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  7. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    Happy 37th Anniversary (for two days ago)!!!
    You’re beating Mr.Cobs and I by a year. We’ve been married 36 years, back at the start of May, and like you … we did a little shopping for house improvement things, then we came home and went to work.

    It was the most enjoyable day. Being together and just doing everything in a relaxed happy way which we never had the time to do when our girls were little. Everything had to be done quickish because we were aware that there was only so much time before they got bored and would come and want to ‘help’. [cough].lol. We ended the day with warm smiles and happiness, and a prayer that The Lord would give us even more years to spend together.

    BUT … MANY congratulations on your new baby grandson. I know I’ve already congratulated you elsewhere, but wanted to add my good wishes here too. I hope you get to take many photographs of this new blessing to your family.

    Sending love, as always, ~ Cobs. xxx

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      After a quick trip (way to quick) to see the grandbaby…I am back to closet stuff. I am finding out why I am not fond of mudding and taping drywall. …..I am really no good at it. It seems like I should be as I can frost and decorate a cake…but I am not. Maybe cause a wall is verticle and a cake is not????
      Congratulation (very belated) on your 36 years! It is a blessing isn’t it? Chicken Granddad likes to say we have been married 37 grueling years….fortunately he says this while laughing his head off. I always tell him he looks pretty content for surviving grueling years. And then I remind him that I fix his meals so he had best beware hahahahaha. I don’t think he is to worried.
      Oh….the grandson is so amazingly cute! I knew he would be but my heart was filled to overflowing!

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      • thecobweboriumemporium says:

        Grandbabies have this way of waking up little parts of your heart you didn’t know were asleep, and once awake, those sections get bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

        Aw, I’m so envious Chicken … I would love Daughter No.2 to have had another child so that I could dote on that one too. (I would have loved her to have had a girl as well as Little Cobs, so that I had one of each to love).

        Hmm.. me thinks Chicken Granddad is, like you say, taking his life into his hands by getting cheeky. LOL.

        Although mind … Mr.Cobs does that too. Cheeky monkey. He’d better watch out for the next chocolate covered cake … I’m led to believe that melted chocolate laxative tastes ok when hidden in with chocolate frosting.
        [wicked witch cackling laugh heard disappearing down the hallway]
        lol…. ~ Cobs. xxx

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  8. Anni Harry says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! I love how you and your husband spent the day – sounds like something my husband and I would do.

    Also, I love your Anniversary gift of a new grand-baby!! It made me smile so much!!

    Have a beautiful and blessed weekend, and enjoy baby snuggles when you get there!

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  9. penpaperandpetals says:

    Happy Anniversary! As long as you are spending the day together, that is what’s important. Congratulations! A new grandbaby is always a blessing!

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