Finding The Treasure


This is the season that is spent on harvesting. Soybean fields and soon corn fields will have seen the combine come and harvest all that precious grain. I realized that I was also finishing up my harvesting….on a much smaller scale.

I had one last bucket of apples that needed to be turned into apple pie filling. I also had a bucket of apple peels and cores that had to be made into apple juice. After those first jars of rosy juice stood “pinging” on my counter top I could not resist taking a photo of them.  They were so pretty and they positively glowed!

My grandchildren have discovered that this Chicken Grandma has jars….many jars of apple juice. They love to help me go get a jar from the pantry when they are here for a visit. Most meals, when they are visiting, seem to include at least one jar of juice.

I also spent time finishing up in the garden picking the last of the produce. Fortunately, pumpkins and squash, are hardy enough to take a hard freeze so there was no rush to get them out earlier.

The other day I wheeled my trusty wheelbarrow to the garden and picked what was left of the produce.

IMG_4824 Harvest From the Garden

My husband kind of chuckles about my wheelbarrow.  I will admit, she is not a beauty and has probably seen better days but she has been a loyal, trusty helper these last years. I have found that it is much easier to move things around with her help than trying it without her!

My wheelbarrow really doesn’t owe me a thing.  I got her free at an auction. The auctioneer failed to sell her and I spoke with the owner after the sale about what he would charge for it…..he told me to go ahead and take it home!

The corners in the front have cracks and when I have her loaded with pumpkins and squash….she makes a strange hawonka…hawonka noise as I make my way over the uneven lawn. (I will never be able to sneak up on anyone or anything while pushing that wheelbarrow!)

Earlier I expressed the thought that she is no beauty….I may have been a bit hasty with that comment. She is rusty, she makes strange noises and once in awhile her wheel wobbles around a bit…..but in a strange way, my wheelbarrow is beautiful!

Maybe my wheelbarrow is a lesson for me.  Maybe I need to look closer at things and people in my life. I know there are times I tend to look only at what is on the surface. I need to take a closer look at what lies underneath.

I have a feeling I may be surprised at what I find. Maybe I will find that instead of a bucket of peels and cores, what most of us would consider junk….I will find instead glowing rosy bottles of juice. Maybe I will discover that beneath the rust, wobbly wheels and strange noises is a wonderful beautiful treasure.

May you have a wonderful weekend of discovery. May you, and me, look beneath the surface at what really matters. May we be blessed and may we be a blessing.


Everything has beauty,
but not everyone sees it.

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39 thoughts on “Finding The Treasure

  1. MrsCraft says:

    Fab harvest, I can just imagine the grandchildren plotting a way to get you to give them apple juice! Our wheelbarrow is in a similar state, I wish I’d used it when I harvested our pumpkins. You got a very good harvest. 😊

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I love planting the smaller pie pumpkins….they make such good pies, bars and muffins. I would be kind of lost without my wheelbarrow…even though it is not in the best of shape! I use it for hauling stuff over our farmyard a lot….my husband has even used it for moving things around.


  2. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    I love your wheelbarrow. She’s seen many years, and is now in the autumn of her life, but still she loves to help you do what needs to be done.

    One day she may say ‘it’s time’ and a new wheelbarrow will be on the shopping list, but when that day comes, I hope with all my heart that she won’t be thrown out, for she’s been a faithful old girl. But instead, I’m wondering if perhaps she could stand outside your door, filled with blooms for the summer months, which would welcome people to your home and give you a smile as each day is born.

    Beautiful post Chicken. Thank you for sharing your faithful friend with us.
    ~ Cobs. xxx

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  3. Ruthie's Crafting Corner says:

    The jars of juice look so good! Your pumpkins and squash look amazing too! It is so wonderful to grow your on produce. Your photo’s are beautiful. I know it is hard work, the fruits of your labor are so abundant! I would repurpose the the wheelbarrow too. Have a wonderful weekend Faye! XX

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  4. susieshy45 says:

    Yes, please share the recipe of that lovely wonderfully colored apple juice. Do you use preservatives ?
    The pumpkins look so perfect, just like the ones in the shops.
    You have worked hard and earned your wonderful harvest. I think like Paul said, you could say- for this year, you have run the good race.

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  5. juliascreativeyear says:

    I wonder if part of your lovely wheelbarrow’s beauty comes from the fact that she is fulfilling her purpose, and also in pay from the environment she is in? For example I can’t imagine she would look very beautiful if she was chucked upside down on a scrapheap. Makes me wonder if some of our own beauty comes from fulfilling our purpose (though working that out can be a tricky job!) and also in part from our environments. I certainly know that I am often calmer, happier and more fun to be around when I’m with my husband or other people who I feel comfortable with. But then again, I often feel comfortable with those people who seem to let me know that it’s ok to be myself as they live and accept me anyway, even if I’m a bit squeaky (though I’m not sure I’ve ever made a ‘hawonka’ noise!) or holey. Or maybe I’m making this whole thing stretch too far?! Whatever, I enjoyed reading your post, so thanks for sharing 😊

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I love gardening and canning and I have a real problem with not wanting anything go to waste. I do have a few empty canning jars on the shelf and I have to hold myself back from not looking around to see what I could fill them with! I tend to run out of shelf space but then I just box jars up, give them away with the instructions to return the empties for refilling. Life is so good!

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      • says:

        It is very satisfying work! I missed it this year altogether-not even a garden! It was so odd but I knew I couldn’t tend a garden, not stay home and get the house ready to sell! I laugh about an empty jar-because I KNOW what it does!! I also understand not being wasteful as it seems sinful! I have thought about you when I am giving my 59th violin lesson of the day-and thought I bet she’s canning!!! really!! haha! love Michele

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  6. Al says:

    This really brought back some memories! My grandmother in Connecticut used to put up a lot of fruit preserves. She had them in a room in the basement of their house. I used to love to go down there and fetch them for her, especially in the summer when that room was so cool. It had it’s own aroma, one that I can recall easily today.

    As for the wheelbarrow, mine is in fairly good shape, but there are four screws that have come loose and need replacing. Kind of like it’s owner!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I remember my Grandma canning also and her basement shelves being full. Some of the jars I use came from her when she passed away. Another cousin and I were the only canners and we ended up with them. I kind of like those old jars…they connect me to grandma. Glad I could bring back some good memories for you Al.
      You made me laugh on the wheelbarrow….I think the wheel on mine wobbles cause the nut on the bolt comes loose…..hopefully we don’t turn into our wheelbarrows!


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