Chicken Coops and Change


These last few weeks have seemed to be speeding by. I am pretty sure it isn’t because we are getting older and moving slower.  (It might be, but I am not going to admit to that!) I think it is just the time of year; when time is growing short, to get outside things done.

We seem to be busy from morning light to the sun going down. We have been spending time by my brother-in-law cutting downed ash trees to be used to help heat our home this winter.

We have also been spending time harvesting soybeans, cleaning up the remaining things in the garden, working on our closet (when it rains…and yay…it is finished!), and just generally getting things ready for the winter season.

Yesterday, time was spent prepping the chicken coop for the winter season. The nesting boxes were cleaned out. We scooped up the old bedding from the floor and used my trusty wheelbarrow to transport it to the garden for fertilizer for the next summer crop. Actually my husband is the fertilizer transporter….he has wonderful technique in spreading it in a nice layer over the garden.

During the hot summer months my husband changes out a glass window for a screen window so the girls get a little breeze during those balmy days. Now that those days are gone, he switched the window back to the glass one. I couldn’t believe how much difference it made when I went to lock them in at night.

The coop cleaning is something that is done twice a year….spring and fall. I have come to expect this to happen sometime between  soybean harvest and corn harvest. I try to be prepared for that day when my husband comes in and announces that today is the day for coop cleaning.


It is wonderful to go into the chicken coop those first days after it has been cleaned. Everything smells to pine or cedar shavings. The bedding on the floor is clean and dry and the nesting boxes look so inviting.

I don’t know if the girls really appreciate it or not….but I know that I do! I know they kick up a fuss while we are cleaning their home.  They come in and inspect…… often, voicing their opinions with loud clucking and fussing.

Watching them kick up a fuss I started to wonder if we kick up the same fuss when things get cleaned out in our lives? Do we wander about protesting loudly about the changes that are happening? Do we fuss and squawk about it, when in reality, our lives will be so much better when it is finished?

Are we reluctant to release the old way of life for a better one? Or do we firmly dig in our heels and make change more difficult than it needs to be? I know that I, for one, find change is sometimes hard. I like the familiar even if it is not the best for me. Like my girls…..I don’t like the unknown that change can hold.

One of my favorite songs about how hard change can be; is sung by Sara Groves……”Painting Pictures of Egypt.” When I hear that song I realize I am not so different from the Israelites in the wilderness.

Hopefully we learn to not fear the “cleaning” that our lives sometimes need. Hopefully we learn to accept those changes with grace and a curiosity about what life holds next. May we see the blessing in the changes. May we look forward to the future and be grateful for the past.


“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” 
― Corrie ten Boom


 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28





30 thoughts on “Chicken Coops and Change

  1. Lisa@LismorePaperCo. says:

    I love when you tell us about the girls! I’d like to think they appreciate their tidy home. There is something about buttoning down for winter, it’s like tucking in the soul. Change is good, allows us to grow and be grateful. Love this post, it brought a smile to face 😀💐

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  2. susieshy45 says:

    Lots of things learned here, Faye, through your post.
    That the chicken coop needs to be cleaned but the residents often don’t appreciate the new world order and let you know their protests. Often like when governments change and a new president takes over, the people squawk and say, things were better in the ” good old days”, when just a few months earlier, they might have said, ” the world is going down the drain with this president and we are just waiting for a new president who can give us a new order”.
    That the bedding from the floor can be used as manure. I am not sure what the bedding is used for- is it for the hens to sleep on ?
    Then the glass and the screen windows- how considerate of you and your husband to take care of the ” girls”, though they are not human. And last season you wrote about how you provided for their hen house to be warmed through winter.
    It is sad that autumn and spring, which are much longed for seasons, say good bye fast, before we can sit down and enjoy them in fact. Before we know it a long summer or winter is upon us.
    Thank you for your post, Faye.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Susie, you are so right about all our squawking when it comes to events in our countries.
      The bedding on the floor is to keep the floor dry. It absorbs the moisture from the manure so the coop isn’t damp and smelly. It also keeps the girls warmer in the winter as it insulates a bit from the cold cement floor. I find the girls love to scratch and dig through it to find any stray feed that may have fallen from the feeder.
      Spring and Fall do seem to go awful fast! Maybe that is why we appreciate those “perfect” days so much….where the temperature is just right, the sun shines and all is right with the world.


  3. bcparkison says:

    Romans 8:28 is one of mu favs. It is on my sons grave marker.
    Now ..about those hens. I think they aren’t complaning at all. They are sayin effect “Well it is about time. Things are pretty smelly in here.” LOL

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      • bcparkison says:

        Of course you already know hens have their own personalities. But…beware a protective
        Yes, Ben our youngest son was in an accident just before Christmas in 1996. He was 19.
        There is something both very sad and eternally happy about a child going before us.

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      • thechickengrandma says:

        I have a friend who had also had her son pass away in an accident at the age of 19. That thought makes my heart hurt but yes….the joy of eternity is such a blessing.
        She is finding out that so many people have been witnessed to because of her son, his life and his passing.

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      • bcparkison says:

        Ben was a pretty quite behind the curtain kinda young man. At his visitation ,one of the elders in our church came up to me and ” I had no idea Ben had this much influence on people”. Of course every kid on the mountain was there. Even my oldest son said it looked like the whole state was there from the cars going to the grave site. We just never know…..who is watching.

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  4. Jen Maher-Kudrapali says:

    Your blog has touched me again so dearly. I want you to know that your words and your stories serve a great purpose, perhaps not just to me but to a whole lot of people out there.

    This is why we bloggers encourage each other to just continue sharing stories. We never know who needs them.

    God Bless Chicken Grandma! I really feel the grace of God in your blogs. Thanks for sharing!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Thank you so much! I never really know where a post is heading when I start typing. Sometimes I am surprised by what ends up coming from my fingertips.
      I am so glad you are blessed by the words. I do think we are put on this earth to spread grace and God’s love… glad you feel that when you come visit this way.

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  5. Deb says:

    I think the girls are really grateful once you are done cleaning their coop, how could they not be? It’s smells so good again and everything is fresh, oh yeah I’m sure of it. Yeah I’ve been really working on not fussing and squawking anymore but rather embracing whatever may come my way. I’m not always successful and a squawk or two may sneak out but not as much as before. Oh I really loved that song, I have never heard it before but her words are so profound and true!! Thanks for sharing that Faye. I know I dislike that the days are getting shorter but I’m trying to find something good about it…;-) cuz I don’t want to squawk about it…it’s nice in dark in the morning for sleeping on the weekends!! Ah see there’s something.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Years ago I learned from my Grandma to use everything! She lived through the depression and she taught us alot about thrifty living. And yes…the girls love their clean coop…once they were done fussing about change lol.


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