Farm Gloves and Life


The other day I had to ask my husband to break out a new pair of those yellow farm gloves for me….the fluffy feeling yellow ones.  The pair I had been wearing were just getting too worn to be of any good. (And they didn’t feel fluffy anymore!) The finger ends were all starting to get holes in them and that doesn’t make for much finger protection from who knows what.

He went down to the basement and dug out the last pair in my size. (sort of my size…if my fingers were each 1/2 inch, or more, longer) When I started to inspect them, I discovered a rodent had decided to chew on the wristband! I have a feeling he (the rodent….not my husband) won’t be chewing any more as my husband has been successfully trapping the little critters.

For years, when our boys were home, we would have to put our names on things so we knew who had which gloves etc.  For some reason I have not gotten away from that practice.

When the new gloves came out I whipped out the black sharpie and promptly put my name on those gloves…MOM.  I kind of laughed at that one also!  I don’t get called Mom unless the kids are around. It is habit I guess…that putting my name on them and then using the name Mom.


I am good with that as I have earned that name.  I also discovered early on that if you turn those gloves the other way they read WOW…..I am good with that too! (And now I am wondering how many of you have turned your computer upside down to check that out?)  Some days you just need a wow moment. If you can’t have that moment, at least your gloves can say it.

These yellow farm gloves can seem rather pedestrian at first glance. They aren’t glamorous, trendy, cute, stylish, or even remotely fashionable.  They are just….gloves and extremely practical gloves at that. You can purchase them at a farm store by the dozen…..and we sometimes do! I should probably look into adding some bling to mine….then I could be practical and have a little sparkle.

In the scheme of things; I think I would rather be a farm glove, than something trendy. Farm gloves have staying power….they are reliable.  If these gloves were a person…they would not be easily offended…they would just dig right in and do what they were supposed to do without fear of what someone else thought about them.  I guess the word unassuming comes to mind with my farm gloves.

Maybe that is why I like these gloves. I don’t have to worry about them getting dirty or worn. They are made to be useful and that is a good thing in my mind. Hopefully I am a little like those gloves….not afraid of a little dirt and useful. (A hint of sparkle would be okay too!) It is also okay to be a little worn out….it shows that you have lived life and not held anything back.

I love the fact that a simple pair of yellow farm gloves can remind me of so many truths. The reminder, that at the end of the day……what you did has much more to say about who you are; than what you look like.


It is not the style of clothes one wears,
neither the kind of automobile one drives,
nor the amount of money one has in the bank, that counts.
These mean nothing.
It is simply service that measures success.
George Washington Carver

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19 thoughts on “Farm Gloves and Life

  1. A. Michelle! says:

    So many truths, heart-seeded reflections in this post. 1. To not be called Mom, unless the children are around. What a wonderful, blessed life you have led. I smiled big when reading…I always do with your posts. My life is representative of the fluffy gloves. I appreciate the reminder, Soul-writer. 💕

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  2. Al says:

    Would have commented sooner……took awhile to get my computer back together as I dropped it turning it upside down. Anyway, those old gloves prove you really do work you fingers to the bone. Wow!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Laughing over here Al!!! I have found that baling twine is a bugger on gloves and anything fabric. I don’t actually sling those bales….I kind of drag them from the baler and let my husband stack them! Usually I drive, except when it gets too slanty or the corners are too tight. My skills are limited…..


  3. bcparkison says:

    My husband never did anything with out his gloves..I do sometimes wear them but my small hands just can’t do some things with gloves on. Even the right size just makes me be all thumbs. But then again I do get a thorn or a blister when I don’t remember to grab them on the way out Thank you for reminding me.


    • thechickengrandma says:

      My husband is never without his gloves either. In the summer when he doesn’t have them on it looks like he still does due to his white hands and brown arms.
      The gloves do get in the way when I need to grab hold of things. I tend to tuck them under my arm in that case!


  4. Anne Mehrling says:

    I adore your WOW gloves. I never used the MOM label. We used to put our initials on plastic cups so we could use them a whole day. I wrote AM — good reminder that I’m a morning person. Garden gloves — found a pair that really fit my small hands. The store does not carry them any more. Maybe I’ll have to quit working outside when the gloves wear out.

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  5. George says:

    I love your take on these gloves and how they relate to life. There is something fun about putting on a new pair of work gloves, knowing, as you say, thT you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty. But there is also something comforting about having a well worn, comfortable fitting pair of gloves that have carried you through projects.
    Love this post., Faye..)

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  6. Deb says:

    Funny, when I was looking at your first photo of the old gloves I could see the faded MOM and of course the way the pic is it reads WOW…but I realized it was supposed to be MOM..I like that it’s both!! Faye I have the best idea for those gloves. Take Elmer’s glue and trace over where your wrote MOM on the ends with it….then sprinkle glitter all over it and let it dry then shake off the excess…there’s your sparkly bling! I remember making Christmas stockings and doing that to write the names on the stockings…this will work for your gloves!! If you try it, post a photo, oh that would be such fun. I think I’m a pair of farm gloves too. Great post!! 🙂

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