Today, I happened to take the road that leads past the co-op elevator in our small town. What I saw made me stop and take a second and even a third look.  It also prompted me to whip out the cell phone and take a couple photos.

When we were kids in school we were told that we lived in the “breadbasket of the country.” I am starting to think that the bread might be corn bread.

Sprouting from the ground was a mammoth pile of field corn that ran the length of the entire block. There was an alley that ran right alongside this huge pile of corn, so of course I needed to drive past that pile to get the full scale of that golden mound of kernels.


As I was slowly driving past it, I was amazed that it made the concrete silos behind it, look smaller than usual. I could only see the top half of those silos and that really made me take a hard look.

Those silos are really, really tall!  I know they are tall because when they were building them, as a kid, I tried climbing the ladder that ran up the side of one and never got anywhere near the top before I chickened out and went back down.

I came home and told my husband that I had taken a picture of that big pile of corn. He kind of laughed and informed me that there was another pile of corn on another location in town. I had to believe him as he is the one who has been hauling wagon loads of corn to town this harvest season.

As a farm wife I know there was talk of a record harvest. I also know that we had a dry summer so I was a little dubious if that record harvest would work out……I am now pretty sure they were right!

It is always amazing to me the abundance of a harvest. After prepping the fields in early spring, praying, then planting those fields, praying, weeding, praying, spraying, and praying some more it is finally harvest time.

I am not sure why I am always amazed….. God has never failed us yet. Even in dry years or overly wet years…there is always a crop. It might not always be huge…but it is always enough for our daily bread.

In this season of Thanksgiving I am so grateful for His faithfulness. I am grateful for His promise of daily bread. We have maybe not always have what we wanted; but we have always had what we needed, when we needed it. And that is enough.

Blessings to you in the coming days of preparing for Thanksgiving Day. May you find things to be grateful for and see the blessings around you. I know this is a little early for Thanksgiving…but I kind of think it is never to early to be grateful.


Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received.
Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling.
Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.
Henry Van Dyke

Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/h/henryvandy402970.html?src=t_gratitude







33 thoughts on “Abundance

    • thechickengrandma says:

      I just could not get over that big pile! I wonder what the people in the office thought when they saw me stop in the middle of the street for a picture! He is truly faithful through plenty and want. May you also have a glorious Thanksgiving! And have fun preparing for it.


  1. Ray V. says:

    This reminds me of an old joke:

    Frank Perdue approached the Pope and made the following offer. If the Catholic Church would officially change the last line of the Lord’s prayer from “give us this day our daily bread” to “give us this day our daily chicken”, then Perdue Chicken would donate 10 million dollars to Catholic charities. The Pope’s staff admonished Perdue and sent him on his way.
    Two weeks later, Perdue approached the Pope’s office again. This time, he raised the offer to 50 million dollars. Again, he was sent on his way, only after hearing a lesson about how the church just doesn’t change the words of a prayer that was handed down by God Himself.
    A month later he offers 100 million, and this time, the Pope accepts.
    At a meeting of the Cardinals, the Pope announces his decision in the good news/bad news format. “The good news is… that we have 100 million dollars for charities. But who is going to tell the Wonder Bread people?”

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  2. Deb says:

    Wow that’s amazing! So is that corn the same corn we buy either frozen or canned? I don’t know why it surprises me that it would be sitting in a pile like that, but it does. They should have held a contest…guess how many kernels are in the pile. hehe…
    Wishing you and your family Faye, a blessed Thanksgiving. Are you having everyone over or are you going to one of your children’s home?

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