Celebrations and Family Ties


There are times in a person’s life that can get bogged down and overwhelmed with all the busyness and stuff going on…..and then you are gifted with a space of time where you are allowed to be reminded of what is important……relationships.

This past weekend we were gifted with such a weekend. We made the journey to our son and his family’s home to attend grandparent’s day at our grandson’s school, watch his school Christmas program, make cookies, and also see both grandkids’ Sunday School program.

Our Friday started early in the morning so we could drive the four hours to the school and be on time for grandparents day. Once we went to his room we were treated to a tour of the school with our 6 year old grandson as tour guide.

The energy in that school was amazing! Hallways full of children hauling grandparents around to various rooms they had classes in. The music room was a big hit…..I think it might have been the gong hanging on the wall that every kid had to demonstrate for their grandparents.

We journeyed to the art room, science rooms, the library and our grandson also asked if we wanted to see the principal’s office. I asked him if it was a good thing that he knew the way to her office….his response…”Only if you’re bad.” It was not exactly a saintly response and I had to stifle a chuckle on that honest answer!

That evening we were treated to an amazing concert by the K-5th grades. I am pretty sure that when I was a kid we were not that talented…. We got to hear recitations, praises sung, drums made from buckets and garbage cans played in perfect time and kids playing ukuleles.

The fun continued on Saturday as we made Christmas cookies. Three generations, two grandmas, one mom, two grandkids all making cookies makes for lots of fun.

I will admit our cookies may not have had a lot of elegance to them but they did taste good! We knew they tasted good because we had plenty of volunteers for the taste testing job.

While we rolled, cut and baked the guys did some late season yard cleanup. Watching them work outdoors it was hard to believe it was December.

The few days spent with the kids were busy but it was such a good type of busy. We were able to spend time talking with our kids, giving hugs, and fill our laps with grandkids and learn about life from their perspective. It slowed the season down, narrowed our focus to what was important and made us grateful for family and things that hold us together.

I love the fact that small kids are masters of cutting to what is important. They have an artless way of reminding us that life is short and we should cherish the moments we are given. They are honest in their emotions, excited in the wonder of life, and seem not to hold grudges when things don’t go as planned. It makes total sense that the Bible tells us to become like children.

There is a lot to learn from a child and I, for one, am ready for more lessons.


43 Life Lessons from Kids.

1. Be grateful for what you can have.
2. Hold hands with those you love.
3. Celebrate the seasons.
4. Make every day the best day ever.
5. Even if it’s not fair you don’t stop trying.
6. Fight for what you believe is right.
7. If you’re bored, find something to do.
8. It’s good to dream.
9. Tell those you love that you love them.
10. Time together matters most.
11. Things don’t have to always be sorted perfectly.
12. Sometimes spontaneous days are the best.
13. Often structured days are needed.
14. Don’t be afraid to speak the truth.
15. Humming and singing can be beautiful.
16. Observe others.
17. Never by afraid to try something new.
18. Sometimes it’s best to just jump.
19. Live fully.
20. Share with others about things you love.
21. You’re never too old to play outside.
22. Forgive and move on.
23. Name calling gets you nowhere.
24. Even if you don’t feel tired, still go to bed.
25. Talk with each other.
26. Imagine all that could be, and not what cannot.
27. Look people in the eye when you talk to them.
28. Laugh.
29. Always say thank you.
30. Little gifts mean a great deal.
31. Wake with a clean slate for the day.
32. Respect your elders.
33. Give things away – don’t hold onto everything.
34. Find out more about people.
35. Make sure to tell others why they matter.
36. Some days you don’t have to make your bed.
37. Run in the rain. Or the snow.
38. Care.
39. Listen to your emotions, but don’t sit in them.
40. Be genuinely interested in others.
41. Don’t give up.
42. Love today.
43. Be free to be you.
d Rubin



41 thoughts on “Celebrations and Family Ties

  1. Ame says:

    ahhh! i LOVE this! how beautiful that you and your husband made that effort for Grandparent’s Day! my girls’ grandparents were only an hour away and not once bothered to come. your grandkids will remember that forever 🙂

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  2. tinaor says:

    Lovely to hear such a nice time was had by all. I think we are all guilty of rushing along and not enjoying anything too much – those grandkids will remember the fun times with you, I’m sure. And remember the ‘funnies’ , the quotes, to embarrass them when they are grown ups!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. bcparkison says:

    Grandparents Day! Always a fun time. I don’t remember having any in my day or my son’s school days but I have enjoyed the two years of my grands. Even in a small private school they put on a pretty good show. Of course the church programs are good and the little ones add a lot even when they don’t have a clue what is going on. Some of the action is in the congregation with little sisters calling for Bubba’s attention. LOL
    I am so glad the weather allowed you to make the trip.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thechickengrandma says:

      When my sons were in grade school they had grandparents day but it was a lot different than this one. Here we had a tour of every place our grandchild wanted to show us.
      Both programs were great but I would have to say the school one was amazing. You could see the music teacher had put so much time and effort into it. Yes it was so much fun to have the grandchild waving at us when he saw where we were sitting. This year I did not see any dresses being raised over heads…

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  4. atimetoshare.me says:

    Lovely post filled with wonderful new memories being made. Our S.Carolina family of four is driving to Minnesota for Christmas, so we’ll all be together for this special time. Can’t wait to make some memories of my own.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Deb says:

    What a perfectly wonderful weekend you had…how marvelous. I love the job of cookie taste testing…oh and of licking the spoon too!! Aren’t the voices of children singing so angelic and beautiful…how proud your grandson was giving you his guided tour, what fun! I love those 43 life lessons from kids….we really need to hang that up and read it every morning before we start the day…and maybe as a reminder read it again at lunch time and night time!! Thanks for sharing your fun family weekend Faye!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Deb says:

        They really are a great reminder, we so easily get caught up in our day and forget. Ha I like the way your husband thinks….better luck next time!! He should say that he needs to make sure the dough is ok before they cook otherwise why waste all that electricity, gas etc…cooking them…he’s only trying to help! 😉

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