I looked out my window this morning and once again stood in amazement. My mind just cannot believe it is really spring; because what I keep seeing is winter just laying around….all over the ground.

This past Monday night we, once again, had a snowstorm…..a blizzard actually. It snowed so much, they did not have classes at the local schools on Tuesday.  Once again, the weatherman predicted an inch. As the storm came closer the only thing “inch” about this storm was that they kept on “inching” up on the snow amount predictions.

Once the storm had blown through and was done, the yard was white, the deck had over a foot of snow on it and my husband had to get out the loader tractor for us to even think about getting out of the garage and off the yard.

By the time I took the photo (above) it was afternoon today and it had started melting….a lot! One of my friends made the comment that this season feels rather like the movie Ground Hog Day…we just keep repeating the same weekend snowstorms over and over. Each weekend is starting to be identical to the once before.  Sadly, they are also predicting another snowstorm this coming weekend. So far they are not giving any snowfall amounts…probably a wise choice on their part!

I have to keep reminding myself that I should be looking for the good in this.  My good friend Mrs. Cobs over at Cobweboriumemporium mentioned the book Pollyanna in one of her recent posts. So like Pollyanna I will intentionally look for silver linings to this snow.

We can use the moisture in our area…the last years have had us in a drought zone so all this heavy wet snow melting into the ground and making mud is actually a wonderful thing. Once we get into our gardens and fields it will be a blessing to have had this snow.

I do feel kind of bad about not having my potatoes planted on Good Friday this year.  My husband and I have always had them in the ground by Easter. Some years they did get snowed on but they always did well. This year I guess it is good it snowed because we did not even have the seed potatoes in the house to plant.

The snow also does cover up the mud for a time….a very short space of time before it makes more mud…..which I guess will be good once those barn swallows return as they will need that mud for repairing and making new nests.

Speaking of birds…I do feel a bit sorry for those summer birds that have returned and now have to deal with the snowfall. The robins, killdeer and meadowlark seem to just be hunkering down and waiting it out.

Perhaps that is the lesson I also need to learn from these repeat storms. I need to be patient, just hunker down and wait it out. Maybe it is a good lesson to slow down, enjoy what the day brings and always find something good in that day. Yes…there is definitely a lesson in contentment to be found on a Spring day that is filled with snow.



On a positive note….
I haven’t seen any mosquitoes in weeks!


36 thoughts on “Spring?????

  1. Anne Mehrling says:

    I admire your spirit for finding something good to comment on. We are seeing definite signs of spring here, although the weathermen are threatening us with a little snow. Hang in there, and maybe you won’t have to hunt so hard for good things to say.

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  2. Rachel H says:

    So very true! I pulled out a rag quilt that needed finishing. Can’t beat it, might as well use it, ha! I am looking forward to being able to shoo the girls outside to play though. It’s been a very very cold long winter without much chance for the kids to go out.

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  3. A. Michelle! says:

    I find it quite odd when people complain about the weather, especially snow. There’s absolutely nothing we can do about it but wait it out and enjoy the now, count our blessings and reflect. Snow in April is rare. God’s timing is beauty.

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  4. ruthsoaper says:

    We got a little snow yesterday but the wind was horrible. Spring really is taking a long time coming and looking at the 10 forecast it looks like another week before things really start to warm. I too am looking for the good in this. The best I have come up with is needed moisture in the ground and the slow melting of snow is probably better than heavy rains that produce run off and erosion. One verse we try to live by is 2 Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith, not by sight” I think maybe this is a test.

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  5. Timelesslady says:

    We are having the same crazy weather here in NJ. It might snow a bit this weekend, or maybe miss us, but there will be moisture of some kind in any event. I am enjoying the sparkle of the sun today. I KNOW it will get warm at some point.

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  6. peggyjoan42 says:

    Ha – I love your humor Faye – no mosquitoes. I saw that snow coming at you on our tv weather the other day and I felt bad that Spring was postponed for you. Our Spring is an up and down yo-yo this time of the year.

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  7. Savoring Sixty and Beyond says:

    Finding joy in the ordinary ~ the melting of the snow into the ground to buffer any drought that may come, the mud the barn swallows will need to make and repair their nests, and the lessons of patience, slowing down, and enjoying each day as it comes~ can’t get much better than that! Plus, no mosquitoes in weeks ~ now that is the best!

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  8. Deb says:

    Oh you’re a better person than I, Faye!!! I’m so sick and tired of this snow and cold…the only thing good about it is when it’s gone!!! Yeah I was watching some robins the other morning as it was snowing and they were standing in the road…I felt so bad for them…they must have thought did I come back a month too early??? I keep saying this is the last storm, this is the last storm…we had more on Friday…that was the last storm!!! 😉

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