Spring Will Arrive…..Sometime


You know it is windy when there are whitecaps on the water in the birdbath! Our area of the country has been warned that we are to receive a major winter blizzard this weekend……yes, you read right….this weekend.

They have been warning us for the entire week and so we have been in a bit of a rush to get prepared for this event. Things that needed to be put under cover have all been moved. Things that had been ordered and needed picking up have been picked up.

We have even got our emergency jars filled with water just in case the electricity goes out. This is a distinct possibility as they predict rain changing to snow. During that transition time the electric lines tend to ice up and bounce around in the wind. That leads to downed lines and zip for electricity.

We use a well for our water supply; and without electricity there is no pumping of water to be had. There is also no furnace running should that happen, so my husband has made sure we are adequately supplied with wood for the woodstove.

Storm events have a way of disrupting the normal flow of our lives. They also have a way of making us appreciate when things seem to run smoothly. Perhaps this latest winter storm is a reminder to appreciate those “normal” days.

When we have a snow event this late in the season there is always that glimmer of hope that the snow will not stick around long. In fact it is much more than a glimmer…it is a sure fact. We know that it will not be long and it will have all melted and Spring will actually be here to stay.

Spring has never failed to show up. The seasons are faithful that way. They may throw us a bit of a curve but inevitably the season will be what it is supposed to be….It cannot be anything else and that is a comfort.

I love the way the seasons mirror God. He is faithful. He never fails to show up….even when life is filled with unexpected events….He is still there through it all. And that is the biggest comfort of all!

May this weekend find you comforted by faithfulness. May you be safe, warm and content with where you find yourself in this season of life. And if you are not in a comfortable season; may you have the assurance that life will straighten out and the “normal” season will return.

“Every new season of you life will be an opportunity for you to learn and grow. Don’t celebrate the good without celebrating the bad because they both work together to prepare you for the next season of your life.” 
― Theresa Lewis

“To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”
— Ecclesiastes

21 thoughts on “Spring Will Arrive…..Sometime

  1. Anne Mehrling says:

    Not more snow!!! I love the way you write about daily life and show us how to focus on God where we are. Shall I tell you that our hummingbirds returned today? They were certainly on time. John remembered that I said they came back two days before tax day last year. Surely you will soon have your spring birds!

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  2. bcparkison says:

    There are some good reasons to live in the South….how ever…we are to get more rain and possible tornados tomorrow…. but at least we got the ballgame in tonight. Grandson did great….well for second grade anyway. The girls played Tuesday evening and did pretty good too….for 4 and 5 year old. Hang in there ….Spring is surely out there for good….maybe.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      One of the area high schools moved their prom from tomorrow night to…tonight so they could have it before the storm. Ballgames and track meets were also all moved ahead.
      We will certainly appreciate Spring when it is here to stay.

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  3. ruthsoaper says:

    We did enjoy the couple of days that seemed like spring but now that same storm is bringing us rain with the threat of up to 1 inch of ice. We are praying for the best but preparing for the worst, so we are ready for a power outage. The weather seems to be so wacky this year I am concerned what this will mean for our crops. I do keep reminding myself that as long as we do our part we can count on God to do his part – yes I know He’s got this.

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  4. atimetoshare.me says:

    I’m with you on wanting to see spring soon. It has been a depressing winter with the cold temps and continues black and white of winter. It’s time for some color, but as you say, God is faithful and we have never lost a season completely yet. I’m going to make some hot chocolate now.

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  5. rabbitpatchdiary.com says:

    I heard you all may get snow! You are wise to accept that spring is merely late, but will certainly arrive in all its’ glory. What a timely post this was for me as I wait on God or maybe He is waiting on me-to learn something more. Thank you dear friend. love Michele

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  6. Timelesslady says:

    We had such good weather yesterday here on the East Coast, but today the winter has rushed back in. No snow, but rainy, dreary conditions. I am with you on preparing for outages…one year in the midst of an oncoming hurricane forecast, I filled up a children’s pool with water…just in case.

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  7. susieshy45 says:

    As I read your post, I am surprised at different view points. Where we live, we pine the return of winter every year. We dread the summer days and spring, well, spring is so fleeting, we don’t even know when it comes and has gone.
    Spring seems a good lesson for us to look to. It comes and goes but brings joy with its arrival.
    And also lets people in colder climes know there are hot days to look forward to.
    Life seems like that too. Spring can be compared to sad times. They are fleetingly short( should I say) and before we know it, it is gone.

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      I have a feeling that this year our Spring is going to be an eyeblink also. I am pretty sure that we will go from snowstorms to hot humid weather of summer. I am not so in love with hot humid weather but it is necessary for our crops to grow so I guess I will be grateful for hot humid weather also!
      I think you are right that Spring is a good lesson for us. We should take joy in every day and find the good that is sometimes hidden in those short seasons.

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