It Is……. What It Is.


I can tell I am starting to feel better. When my husband asked if I wanted the tub of fall decorations today, I told him “yes!”  It took me a long time to put this bit up and it was done while sitting on a chair….but, I feel rather triumphant that I got it accomplished. (I must confess when I was done I went and sat in my recliner with my eyes shut!)

Somehow while in the fog of my West Nile journey the season seems to have changed on me. My husband is picking my pie pumpkins and tells me my two plants were over achievers this year as he has counted up to 40+ pumpkins out there in the garden. I have no idea, as I have not been near my garden for 5 1/2 weeks now.

I also discovered that while in this “fog” of healing; another event passed me by. A couple weeks before my illness I became part of a book launch team for a gal that I know. She has written her third book for women called, “It’s All Under Control”.

Part of being on the team was to help promote the book, read the book and let people know what we thought of the book by word of mouth and social media. I did this for approximately two weeks, then got sick, crawled in bed, went to the hospital and cocooned myself in my home with outings to the doctor and the physical therapist.

So…….now I am getting on top of things and would like to do a book and workbook giveaway…..A few weeks late as the launch is over…but better late than never….right? Before I get to that I want to introduce you to the author and how I know her.

Her name is Jennifer Dukes Lee and she is a farm wife and mom who lives about 1/2 hour from me. I first met her when we were both speakers (as lay women) at a Christian women’s retreat in our area.

The day I met her we gave our “practice talks”. She was polished, professional, had her power point ready and even used the “clicker thing” to run it! I, on the other hand, had no power point ready, would not dream of using the “clicker thing” myself and once I started talking, could feel my mouth dry up and turn to cotton.

As I talked I could feel my upper lip creeping up my teeth and my gums and knew it was not coming down as there was zero spit in my mouth. I tried getting a glass of water to my mouth and watched in horrified fascination as my hand started to shake halfway up. I put it back down since having your lip in an odd sneer, stuck on your teeth and  water sloshed over your shirt is not a good look. Maybe some can pull that look off…..but I cannot. ( I did survive giving my talk at the retreat. I found that with a tic tac in your cheek and God … can do anything!)

A few years later found Jennifer and me again at the retreat. She was in charge of the speakers and I was in charge of workers the weekend of the retreat. I went to her home to help plan.

I sat at her kitchen table and confessed that I was incredibly intimidated by her. She looked at me with big eyes, walked to her counter and came back with a pan. There was lots of crumbled brown cakie pieces in it.  I ventured to ask what it was and was told they were box brownies she had tried to make. (They did taste wonderful.) I learned from this woman that we all have our own God-given gifts and the gifts we are given, are good enough.


Back to the book launch – I did get two chapters read before I became sick and knew this was a book I needed to read. I do have to grin at how many times during those first weeks, when the launch was taking place, I looked at the cover, read, “It’s All Under Control” and wondered about the message God was clearly giving me. (Due to West Nile impacting my vision, I was not reading, doing screen time or much of anything!)

I have, on hand, a spare book and workbook that I would love to gift a woman. I specify, woman, because this is a book written by a woman for women. So, if you are a woman and would like this set please put GIVEAWAY in your comments. If you are a man and know a woman, a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a daughter in law, a neighbor that you would love to give this book to, please feel free to also put GIVEAWAY in your comments.

You do not have to be a regular reader to participate, you do not have to have your own blog to participate. This is open to anyone. I have never done this before so I will give it a couple weeks for comments and then figure out how to do a fair drawing and also how to get the books to you!

May you have a blessed weekend. May you find that letting go is okay and may you find freedom in that letting go. And may you echo the words I have said often these passed weeks, “It is what it is.”


“Bravery is letting go
when you want to hang on.”




76 thoughts on “It Is……. What It Is.

  1. bcparkison says:

    Faye…bless you for hanging in there. I can’t imagine being in your shoes but with Gods help we can and do all kinds of things.I have reposted on my blog a man who is giving out blessings too. With God all things are possible.
    Add my name to the giveaway.
    and prayers please for my #3 son as he leaves tomorrw morning for Las Palmas.Way far away from Mississippi.His rig has moved and this momma is in deep prayer.
    So glad you are feeling better…Don’t over do it. Love you., beverly

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  2. RobbyeFaye says:

    I am so very sorry to hear all you have been and are still going through health-wise.
    The book set sounds wonderful, I would love to be entered in the GIVEAWAY. Thank you for the opportunity to win!
    Good luck to everyone.

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  3. ruthsoaper says:

    I am so happy to hear you are starting to feel better, Faye. I have to admit I am a little jealous of your pie pumpkins, as ours did not do well this year. I might have to buy some in order to make pies for the holidays. 😦 Please enter my name in the Giveaway. ♥

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  4. vicki says:

    So sorry to hear about your West Nile journey!! Being sick long term really stinks!! Especially at this time of year!!
    Would love to be included in your giveaway!!

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  5. Lisa@LismorePaper says:

    I am so happy that you are beginning to feel better and decorated for Autumn. Your pumpkins are prize winning. This sounds like a wonderful and empowering book, Id love to be in your giveaway. Thoughts, prayers, and hugs to you! 💟😊

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  6. kindergartenknowledge says:

    Faye…my dear friend…from your once again absent friend in Texas! I am so very sorry that I had no idea about your illness. If we just lived close to each other, I would have been trying to help you with something…anything…every, single day. It upsets me to no end that you have been having a difficult time and I have not been there (at least as a distant friend!) for you. My prayers will be beginning immediately for your return to your original self…I am certain you are still the wonderful person you have been since I first met you. It’s just from my own personal experience this past year…I know that it is surprisingly difficult to return to the same place and person you once were…after a serious illness. I admire you for returning to your writing in such a positive way! You are an amazing friend and I admire you so very much!

    I loved your story about giving your speech…I laughed so much that Mike came from the kitchen to see why I was becoming hysterical! That is a true sign of talent when you can write a narrative that makes a person feel like they were right there listening “to the speaker who couldn’t get the glass of water to her face”!

    Where can I purchase your friend’s book? I think that I need to read it…and share it with friends! Everyone feels out of control at some point…I admit that I never thought that I would feel out of control and not in sync! I think that my faith that everything would be fine since God was in charge…sort of became a bit weak after I had the stroke last year!!

    Well…I have succeeded in writing a monumentally long comment…again!

    Love you lots!!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Dear Pat…I totally understand about being absent so not to worry. Sometimes it is just hard to sit in a chair and breathe.
      If nothing else this illness has made me aware of others who are struggling with health issues.
      Would love your prayers and know that you have been in mine my friend.
      I am glad you enjoyed the public speaking part. I have spoken twice at that retreat because it seemed like God was urging me to say yes. I really wish He wouldn’t do that but how do you tell Him no?
      How are you doing? How is the family? I think of you often


  7. beaconsoflife says:

    So sorry to hear you were so sick. I have missed reading your blog and could not figure out why. Glad you are on the mend. Love the story of you giving a speech. I did laugh out loud too. I’ll leave the book to someone else who will read it and go through the workbook. I have shelves of book I need to tackle. It’s good to see you in my feed blogging friend.

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  8. DeAnn says:

    I’m glad you are starting to feel better! I enjoyed your post, the stage fright description was spot on, lol. This book sounds awesome!!! Would love to be entered in the giveaway!!

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  9. says:

    Good to have you back in blog world and glad you’re recovering, even though it’s a slow process. It’s so hard to be ill when you’re used to being so busy. Hang in there. God has a plan even in this!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. says:

    My very dear friend-I am crying reading how this illness has invaded your life. I believe you will recover, I am just so sad to think of you suffering at all-now having said that, I also believe you will receive blessings from this. I know you have not even been to your pumpkin patch, so it may be hard to believe now, but you know this is a truth. I am cheering you on through prayer. love Michele and . . .GIVEAWAY!!!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Not to worry MIchele. I am improving every day and the physical therapist thinks my improvement is rapid. They told me there would be days that were a step back so I was not surprised when they show up. Fortunately those days are few and becoming less. Love you friend and I will get you in the giveaway!

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  11. Kristi says:

    Faye, I recall your ticket tac trick when I had to give my talk. Glad you are feeling better. Since school started I haven’t looked at the garden to much. I have butternut squash that are huge. I need to remember to pick them earlier. Anyway, give away😀

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  12. Donna Van Grouw says:

    Would love to be entered in the drawing! I just had a sign made of “it is what it is”…something my mom often says and its become a favorite saying of mine too! Praying for you and Larry!

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  13. Nancy driesen says:

    You have a way of describing things with a sense of humor and realism! I literally laughed out loud when I read about the lip/teeth dilemma; I know exactly what you’re talking about! Hahahaha. I’m glad you are making progress and have found God in this challenge. I miss you at work and look forward to having you back….someday, lw.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    Aw Chicken, it’s so good to hear from you and I’m so happy to hear of your small improvements in health, as each day passes. It lets me know that all the prayers we bloggers are whispering every day aren’t simply floating about in thin air and not reaching that place we need them to reach.

    I won’t put my name into the giveaway, because I know only too well the cost of posting abroad and a book is a heavy item! I’ve been to Amazon though and read the ‘blurb’ on the book, and seen all the comments about it. It seems to have been well received! Everyone is mightily impressed with it.

    I have to admit that being a visual person, the book cover called to me. The design is incredibly beautiful and begs one to pick it up, open it up and promises that you’ll fall in love. After reading the write up and comments on Amazon, I think that the promise isn’t an empty one. Really beautiful looking and promising book.

    I pray you continue to improve health wise, and that we’ll soon see you return to full health and fighting fit again. I’m sure you’re girls will like that too. (chickens,for anyone who doesn’t know who the ‘girls’ are. lol)

    Sending much love and buckets of gentle squidges ~

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      The prayers…oh the prayers Cobs. I firmly believe that is why I am doing as good as I am.
      The book….I am thinking that in the next couple weeks I am going to start reading a few pages at a time because my eyes and brain are finally starting to cooperate with each other. But just reading the title these last weeks bring comfort…knowing He is in control of all this.
      Lots of love and prayers heading over the water to you!

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Hello George! My goal is to try do a post a week. I am doing much better. When I think of what I felt like 3-6 weeks ago it is amazing how much better I feel. The therapist just laughs when I tell her that I think the feeling of being slightly off kilter is my new normal. She said in time that would go away….so patience I guess.
      I am so glad to hear when people are blessed by my posts, George. Sometimes I start typing and am kind of amazed where a post ends up!
      How are you guys doing over there?

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  15. Jocelyn says:

    Thankful to read your updates… Your perspective is wonderful to read – you definitely look heaven down instead of earth up! Continuing to pray for healing & patience for you!
    If the giveaway is still open, I would love to be entered in… Always looking for great reading material 😁!

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