Pictures of Harvest

There is something exciting about the neighbor stopping by and telling you he is ready to start combining your field. This past week that is exactly what happened and he took out one of the fields of corn. My husband hauled loads to town while the combine kept filling the empty wagons.


Something about bringing in a harvest is so satisfying. It is like the fulfillment of a promise that was given in the Spring when those kernels of corn were planted in the ground. You watch those fields all summer. You pray for rain and sometimes you pray for dry weather in years like this past growing season.

I was going to say why I like this season…but then I realized I like pretty much all the seasons. Life is such a reflection of those seasons. Everything from raising children to taking care of elderly parents is a season of life. There is something good about each one of those seasons and there are challenges to each of those seasons.

I love the beauty of the painting that is fall. The golds, the russets, the reds make a beautiful picture that fills the senses and satisfies the soul.20181107_164305.jpg

I love the smell of the leaves laying on the ground, the sound of dryers running in the night drying the corn that has just been harvested from the field. I love the vee of the geese as they fly overhead to their winter homes and the taste of hot chocolate on a cool fall evening.

I love the fact that the promise of Spring has been fulfilled by the harvest of fall. It is a reassurance that God is faithful and the promises are real.

May you be blessed in all the seasons of your life. May you be shown the good in each season and see the blessing in the challenges.

“What are you planting today to harvest tomorrow?”
Lailah Gifty Akita

While the earth remaineth,
seedtime and harvest,
and cold and heat,
and summer and winter,
and day and night shall not cease.
Genesis 8:22


21 thoughts on “Pictures of Harvest

  1. tinaor says:

    There is something good in each season, I agree. I live in town, so don’t see fields being harvested – what a shame – it must be wonderful. I love walking through woods when the leaves are falling and swishing my wellington boots through piles of russet and saffron coloured leaves – my enjoyment of the autumn we are having here. DIfferent seasons/different parts of the world!

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  2. says:

    Hi, hope you are doing well. Its been a while since I’ve seen a post. I have nominated you to write a story or poem using idioms. This was a prompt from Amy Blount. I found it fun to do. If you choose not to, it’s OK.


    • thechickengrandma says:

      I am doing well. Just staying busy with physical therapy and dealing with my elderly in-laws. (So many decisions to be made.)
      I would love to try do a story or poem! Can I have some time to come up with something??
      And are you ready for the Thanksgiving holiday? Do you have company coming that day?

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      • says:

        Take your time. I thought it was kind of fun. We had our family Thanksgiving last Sunday. The men hunt in Wisconsin for deer so we do it before. My church has a feast on Sunday and my youngest daughter’s mother in law hosts Thanksgiving on the actual day. She has four sons and their families and me too. I hope you have a blessed holiday❤️

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  3. peggyjoan42 says:

    I can only imagine how wonderful it is to harvest your fields. All seasons have their own great features. I do love Fall the most – due to all the beautiful colors. This is such a nice post Faye. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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  4. Deb says:

    I can only imagine how satisfying that must feel. I love all the things you mentioned about Fall and the seasons of life as well. Yes each has its own unique treasures.
    Faye I also wanted to stop by and see how you are feeling, better I hope!! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!! xo ❤

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    • thechickengrandma says:

      Thank you for stopping by Deb! I am so behind on reading and replies to comments!
      I am doing much better and hope to be done with physical therapy soon…though my therapist tells me I still won’t be done as she is gonna send me home with homework lol. I am good with that as I want to get as back to normal as I can!
      Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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