Last weekend we had a good taste of winter.  It was the type of weather that had schools getting out early, canceled events, canceled church services and late starts for schools on Monday.

I used to be a fan of that type of weather but that was a long……very long time ago. It was, however, good weather to finally motivate me to put up the Christmas tree and the ornaments. There is something about the wind howling, the snow flying by the window and the fire warmly burning in the woodstove that energizes me to decorate for the holidays.

There is a joy to this season. There is a joy in bringing out the familiar decorations and placing them about the house. So many memories are wrapped up in those decorations. Some are from when our parents were young and they have now ended up on our tree.

Those special ornaments have a way of ending up way near the top of the tree. I figure that way they are safe from the hands of small grandchildren. I am hoping that someday my grandkids will help me decorate the tree. I think that would be a very memorable experience!

I enjoy the decorating; but the joy of this season runs so much deeper than the surface stuff. I love the promise of this season that was given two thousand years ago. I love the fact that, that promise never changes. The Hope that was born at that time has never failed me yet and I trust He never will.

I pray that same joy and hope for all of you. I pray that while you prepare for this season there is a real deep river of joy that runs through your life. There are struggles that will come and go but the promise remains constant.

If this season finds you in the middle of a storm….the wind howling and trouble all around, may you find peace…..may you be blessed and may joy find you.

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”
Hamilton Wright Mabie  





18 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Anne Mehrling says:

    We are in the box stage of decorating. I should have said John is in the box stage, because I don’t decorate. The dishes and mugs are washed and in place, but all the non-tree decorations are in boxes all around the house. He will finish that before he starts on the tree. Meanwhile, I’ve recovered from Thanksgiving and steamed the Christmas pudding today. It will age in the refrigerator until Christmas Day. That’s great that you had the energy to decorate.

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      • Anne Mehrling says:

        I love your decorating plan.

        You are probably too busy to look, but this link is to my post about Christmas last year. At the end is a photo of our Christmas pudding being flamed.

        The dessert is basically a warm fruitcake, which will probably turn most people off. It is simple to stir together and can steam for several hours in a crock pot. That’s it! Unmold it on a plate, warm a tiny bit of rum or brandy to pour over, and light it. Our family members would all take a token amount and slather it with brandy hard sauce.

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